HOLLYWOOD—I am so happy to have an entertaining series to watch on TV with so many shows in limbo. That brings me to my guilty pleasure Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” This week’s episode, ‘Power of the Purse’ saw Hanna make it crystal clear to Derrick that she was NOT interested in hearing anything he had to say. She whipped out that butcher knife to prove that she meant business when she stated she did NOT want him in her presence.

She called 911 to prove she meant business and he pleaded his case before coming to the realization that he will NEVER be in her orbit and Hanna delivered the dagger to his chest by firing him. Yup, she sent him his walking papers. Hanna meant business when she issued a threat if he ever came to see her again she would be the one to ensure he sees God sooner than later. Whew, that is what you call some delicious dialogue people. That was hilarious to witness Derrick being arrested for assault. Just imagine, if he had left like Hanna asked he would have been carted away in cuffs.

Jim received a visit from Marty who explained details about Wyatt cheating death yet again. Celine received a visit from her son who questioned his mom about the eviction notice and he is as fiery as Jim. When will Celine learn to stop trusting Jim? I swear Jim Cryer is such an a**hole people. The guy talks to people like complete trash. Too bad Celine’s day went from bad to worse when she found out that she was close to being fired, but she has to keep her distance from Jim otherwise she could lose her job. That totally sucks America.

When will David learn to stop being Jim’s lackey, but he has implemented a plan with his buddy to take out Veronica Harrington once and for all. Oh, Jim you are in for a major surprise when you go see Katheryn. Jeffery and Madison chatted about the Ice Queen plotting her next move, the move against Colby and himself. Jeffery was taken aback to learn that Wyatt tried to kill himself yet again, as he failed to disclose the latest threat his mom issued.

Wyatt did not want to hear anything Jeffery had to say, and it was apparent that his old buddy was over his antics and games. Jim was taken aback to discover that he couldn’t go to the house or the loft, just as he taunted her over the fact that he was free and she was not. Jim was about to be delivered a blow that he never expected, when he learned that Hanna has his wife’s Power of Attorney and that he is NOT in her will at all.

David and Jim arrived at the Cryer estate, but both were surprised to come face-to-face with Hanna who was busy handling affairs for her boss. The two spoke at length about the situation involving the Malone family and how he cannot go after Candace, Benny or the money that was taken. David issued an idea to have access to all of Katheryn’s accounts, but no you don’t, because someone else has that power and it’s not Katheryn. David you are always attempting to help others instead of trying to solve your own issues. Oh, these idiots are about to be delivered a devastating blow people.

Next week is looking good, as Hanna goes to war with Jim and David, Candace might be pregnant and the Ice Queen herself, Veronica returns to our screens. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards.