HOLLYWOOD—Man oh man, this season of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” has been full of surprises, but none bigger than the climax during the mid-season finale. This week’s episode, ‘In Pursuit of Prey,’ saw Warlock looking for Candace, and it was apparent blood was about to be spilled. Things picked up where last week ended with Erica reacting to seeing Warlock watch her have sex with David. She was very rattled to say the least, while David hoped things were moving in the right direction.

As I expected, Erica has been secretly working with Warlock all along. Wow, these two are a couple, and I never expected it. She spilled the beans that Mitch was the person who set-up Warlock, not Candace. Just when I was beginning to like Erica, she pulls this mess; so much for BFF. Speaking of Candace, it looks like Charles has found himself in a peculiar situation as blackmail came front-and-center. She was amused by Charles’ reaction to her masterplan, and she wants to play with her new ‘toy.’

Melissa and Jeffrey continued to wallow in their sorrow, which prompted Melissa to do a bit of digging into her baby daddy’s relationship woes. Wyatt finally got the help he needed to kick his addiction. Wyatt was taken aback to learn that Jeffrey has been calling the clinic non-stop to check on his current predicament. Benny was taken aback to discover that Candace has vanished from the motel, as well Hanna when they discovered the one they have been protecting has gone MIA. Benny was furious to learn that his mother went to the police to report Candace.

Hanna divulged details about Quincy’s death, and Benny continued to plead his innocence even though his mother refused to listen. Yes, Mitch is out of prison, and it looks like Benny and Mitch are about to intersect Warlock before he harms anyone they care about. Jim gave Candace a call begging her to stop by his home, but our vixen was too smart to fall for his antics, and was well aware he set her up.

It was apparent Hanna was starting to lose her marbles, forcing Benny to manhandle his mother to protect her from lashing out any further. I’m worried because as a fan, the audience already knows Warlock is headed to where Hanna has been staying looking for vengeance. Mitch started to suspect that Benny did indeed play a role in Quincy’s murder, which he did. Well, well, Mitch delivered a bit of advice to Benny to lawyer up to protect himself, and of course Veronica was the first person he phoned.

Back at the Cryer mansion, Jim was stunned to see that Katherine had literally taken EVERYTHING out of the house. Yeah, it looks like she was dead serious when she said she planned to sell the house. How the hell did she get rid of all those items in such a quick time frame without him knowing? This woman can be cold, but at the same time, it’s apparent she has made her decision to end her marriage once and for all. There goes an epic mic drop people!

Looks like Jim and David are about to celebrate divorce at the Artesian Hotel, I’m dying to see the look on Candace’s face when she spots Jim. Jeffrey was taken aback to see Benny arrive at his mother’s home, just as Melissa received a call from her mother.

Per usual, the Ice Queen made demands and they were made without hesitation. Benny divulged details about Quincy’s death and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to connect the dots to Quincy Maxwell’s demise. Veronica flirted with Benny and expected him to seduce her; Benny thought about it for a second, but he was able to resist temptation. Jeffrey eavesdropped on his mother’s conversation with Benny, which seemed to irk her skin. This woman is vicious; she’s planning to pin things on both Candace and Benny, but Jeffrey was not interested in hearing about Melissa’s father dying.

The first shock of the night; Melissa looks to have attempted suicide, as Jeffrey was baffled to see the bed drenched in blood. The second shocker of the night was the final moments back at the hotel, where Mitch divulged to Hanna that Benny buried Quincy’s body, but did not murder him. He revealed that Jeffrey helped Candace kill Quincy. Hanna did not believe what she was hearing and before the conversation could continue Warlock and his goons burst into the hotel, and a battle ensued. Benny and Mitch did their best to defend themselves before gunfire erupted. I’m on edge, I thought it was evident Benny was about to take a bullet, oh, no, Mr. Perry had an epic surprise in store for audiences.

Man oh man, that was a heartbreaking moment, as Hanna emerged from the bathroom with Quincy Jr., the child covered in blood and looking very much dead. Tyler Perry, NOOOOOOOO! How in the world could you do this? I’m feeling a ton of emotions: anger, sorrow, rage! This is a game-changing moment people. Cause Hanna, Benny, Mitch, Candace, Katheryn, Jim, Erica and so many others will be impacted by this explosive outcome. I can’t believe I have to wait till June to see how all this turmoil will play out. I expect the body count to intensify before season 5 culminates. Until June 2017 “HAHN” die-hards!