HOLLYWOOD—Last week Tyler Perry sure brought the surprises on “The Haves and the Have Nots.” This week’s episode, ‘Railroad’ continued with more madness and utter chaos, yes, utter chaos spiraled out of control America. Candace found herself about to be arrested for terrorism for possible threats to Charles’ family, and she was setup big time people, and our vixen was scared straight people, as she was placed in cuffs.

Charles called her out on her happenings for the past few days, which left Candace, flustered, as she was put through the ringer. Wait, I’m totally confused on Charles’ angles and precisely what the hell is he up to? He spilled that beans that he was well aware that Oscar aka Brandon was targeting him all along. Surprise, surprise, Landon is an assistant to Charles in his run for presidency, so this definitely amplifies the drama people.

It was a day of reckoning for Melissa, as Veronica confronted her about her tactics. Gosh, this woman is so cold-hearted; she has little emotion for anyone, I mean the venom she spewed at the woman carrying her grandchild was just evil, vile and unspeakable. Veronica slapped Melissa around to infuse a bit of fear, but Melissa raged back. Melissa, Veronica has no leverage over you, go toe-to-toe with this woman; make her fear you. I honestly CANNOT wait till the day that Veronica pays for all her sins because it will be juicy television.

Katheryn assisted Hanna with planning the funeral for Quincy Jr., where her emotions were solemn at the least. Hanna made another call to Benny, where Mitch was forced to cover-up for his pal yet again, but it was apparent that Hanna was catching onto the fact that Mitch was lying. He did his best to prevent Hanna from anymore hurt. Mitch spilled the beans to Katheryn that Benny is in jail, which means Katheryn will pull strings to get Benny released. Unfortunately, Katheryn was forced to spill the beans to her pal when Hanna’s emotions spiraled out of control.

Wyatt finally became lucid while in the hospital, and was surprised to see his father pay him a visit. Jim showed a bit of concern, but Wyatt was none too pleased to show his father a bit of compassion. I must agree Jim has done some wicked things to his son, so Wyatt has every right to want to disown his father if need be. Jim did his best to reason with his son about his substance abuse, but his stubbornness prevented Wyatt from listening to anything his father had to say. Jim wanted an update from Oscar about his plan to retrieve those funds from Wyatt before it leads to further duress.

Benny updated Veronica on the fact that the secret service was investigating him for terrorist threats, and that he was taken into police custody for the murder of Quincy Maxwell. The legal eagle was thrown for once, as she had no idea what was transpiring with Benny’s situation. He pointed the finger at Veronica, who denied any involvement in his current predicament. Jeffrey was alerted that Wyatt was being released from the hospital, just as Justin stopped by his room. Justin warned Jeffrey that Veronica is threatening to spill the beans about their relationship.

Justin begged for Jeffrey’s forgiveness, but he was not ready to let the officer back into his good graces, just yet. Jeffrey tried to push Justin away, but Justin was not ready to give up on their relationship. Jealously erupted in Justin, with the thought of Jeffrey and Wyatt spending time together, which resulted in Jeffrey asking Justin to give him space. Erica and David had brunch to discuss the current state of their relationship. Things got deliciously good when Veronica interrupted David and Erica’s brunch meeting.

I cannot wait till next week, Veronica and Erica going toe-to-toe, Landon and Jeffrey rekindling the sparks in their relationship and Benny being targeted by the secret service (the big question is by whom). Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!