HOLLYWOOD—Last week my jaw dropped in epic fashion on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” It was actually one of the best episodes in recent years. I mean David snapped and drowned Veronica in that pool, um that changes it all. Things didn’t pick up where things left off. This week’s episode, ‘She’s Gonna Be Real Mad’ saw Candace realize that her place at the top was about to come crashing down. She seemed heartbroken to say the least.

Charles seemed conflicted, but I was not buying it one bit. Candace was hurt and she unleashed her feelings. Candace has rage in her eyes, and that is never a good sign; she’s out for blood people. Candace called Charles out on his antics and wholly hell was unleashed. David alerted Jim that Veronica is dead, but she wasn’t. David fled the scene of the crime, and rightfully so. Veronica tried to kill him, so he returned the favor by attempting to kill her. An eye for an eye, I love it. Jeffery arrived at the hospital to check in on Justin, which surprised Madison. Madison tried to play therapist, and divulged that Jeffery was in love with Justin. Jeffery was taken aback to learn of all the atrocities that transpired to Justin. Jim and David returned to the scene of the crime, where Jim discovered that Veronica’s body was MIA.

Jim revealed that Veronica could hold her breathe underwater, and that his ex is still very much alive. He is relieved, but Jim noted that Veronica would be a vicious threat that won’t let up. Charles learned that Candace is back in Savannah. Charles was grieving a broken heart, but he sensed Landon might have betrayed him. No, it is the Attorney General looking to neutralize you. Hanna and Benny were not happy to see their loved one splattered all over the news waves.

Benny was surprised to see Candace at the door. She broke down all her fears to her mother. Hanna did her best to convince her daughter to return the money, even though she won’t have anything in the end. This is the closet I’ve ever seen mother and daughter, as Candace decided to return the money to Jim, against Benny’s wishes.

Veronica returned to county jail to get her culprits released, but she wanted revenge and it looks like David is in the crosshairs. Wyatt was ready for another hit, but even RK realized that Wyatt needed serious help. RK finally reached Candace and alerted his pal that some major people are after her and that she should be careful. This gave the vixen the information she needed to plan her rise from the fall. Jim returned home and was greeted by Attorney General Kyle, so at long last we finally have a name. Kyle wants revenge on Candace, but Jim was not ready to play ball without his back being scratched.

Jim wanted all charges against him and Wyatt dropped, but Kyle was not that interested, until Jim spun his web. Veronica is constantly pushing the limits, but this time I think something will transpire that she never expected and like I said this woman has had more lives than I can count and it’s time for her to have a taste of her own medicine. Broderick was speechless when Katheryn showed him his new home. The final moments were a stunner to say the least as Veronica and her gang descended on David’s property. Oh, the set-up for next week’s season finale will be epic.

Veronica continues to gloat, Hanna spills the truth to Candace about her father and it looks like Wyatt is about to take down one of his parents. My gut tells me a major body count is about to transpire and I cannot wait to see things unfold. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!