HOLLYWOOD—What will it take for Jeffery Harrington to realize that Officer Justin is mentally unstable on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” Hmm, let’s see, getting brutally beat up, being stalked, having your mother nearly killed in a car crash, seeing pictures of yourself plastered in someone’s home, them threatening to harm themselves, a gun being pulled on your father, or wait for it, someone pointing a gun at your head?

Yeah, all those things have transpired, and for reasons I cannot fathom Jeffery is still standing by Justin’s side, out of some unrelenting loyalty to try to save him. This week’s episode, ‘Spanish Moss Trail’ saw Jeffery have his life threatened yet again. Jeffery seemed scared with the thought of Justin killing both of them. He pulled the trigger alright and it was moment. While this transpired, Madison and David were talking about ways to handle Justin so that Jeffery doesn’t get hurt.

Charles did his best to reassure Candace that all will be ok in due time, as much as I love seeing romance, can we really get to the drama people? Katheryn was seething watching Broderick flirt with another woman right in front of her as she poured back the drinks. RK begged Rocky for some cash, and Katheryn overheard the conversation involving her foe. The unfortunate side effect was that Katheryn called Hanna in a drunken state of mind. Hanna asked her pal for a favor to pay off Benny’s debt to ensure his life was spared by the Malone family.

The FBI is busy working on their case to take down President Elect Charles Fredericks and expose Candace Young and all her dirty misdeeds. A bad nightmare rattled Candace who was still grieving the death of Quincy Jr. RK was speechless when he arrived at the home of Katheryn Cryer, and when she brought up the name Veronica, he attempted to play coy. Mrs. Cryer warned him to be careful of Veronica, and she spilled all the tea about Jeffery and Veronica’s twisted past, just as Katheryn attempted to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Veronica should be careful, because Katheryn has been looking to nail her foe for quite some time. Katheryn flirted with RK who seemed to have $$$ signs in his eyes, too bad Wyatt interrupted the situation, followed by Jim. Oh, the Cryer clan is one fun bunch to say the least. RK thought he was going to drive Katheryn’s car, but Jim laid down the law in hilarious fashion. RK was willing to give Wyatt what he wanted in exchange for a bit of cash, hmm, RK this is one family you don’t want to mess around with.

Jim didn’t like the fact that his wife was messing around with a guy much younger than him, and as a result, he made threats. RK took Katheryn’s vehicle, just as Wyatt did his best to distract his father from learning that his wife’s care was missing. This should be good, Veronica stopped by David’s house to pick up where they previously left their conversation. I always wanted to know what Veronica’s weakness was, and now I know: paranoia.

If you make that woman’s marbles spin you can dismantle her like an atomic bomb. She proposed David making love to her, but he refused, noting the burns to his back taking a toll on his body. Veronica wanted David to be tested, and he tossed the same back at her. Hmm, does Veronica have a secret on Erica the rest of us have no clue about? My interest has been raised America. David is so playing Veronica and I can’t wait to see him drop the bomb on her; it’s going to be worth the wait to see the Ice Queen crumble into a ton of pieces.

Jim Cryer decided to pay Benny a visit to make more threats in his quest to retrieve those funds sitting in the Young bank account. Benny puffed his chest per usual, while Jim admitted he was responsible for the attack on his life. Jim threatened Benny’s life yet again, not realizing he is about to ignite a war that is going to explode. The final moments of the episode culminated with Madison who was stunned to discover two people were shot in the head, and he realized it was Justin and Jeffery.

Next week is looking bonkers, as Veronica and David learn about Jeffery’s shooting, Candace is in the crosshairs of the Attorney General, Jim makes threats, and it looks like somebody’s life is about to be cut short. Important spoiler: I don’t think its Jeffery Harrington people! Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!