HOLLYWOOD—Can you believe it? Tyler Perry’s hit series “The Haves and the Haves Nots” has been airing on the OWN network for seven seasons. Well, the seventh season premiered on Tuesday and it picked up immediately where last season left off with Hanna worried sick about Benny who was shot and bleeding on her front porch. I’ll be honest I never expected for things to pick up so soon. I mean season 6 just ended in November, but I’m not complaining because when you have a guilty pleasure you want to watch as much as possible.

The season seven premiere episode, ‘Speak Through It,’ did not waste any time getting back into the thick of things. Benny was clinging to life, as Hanna did her best to keep faith her son would survive. Man, this woman has been through utter hell in the past 7 seasons; so the hard armor she wears over her skin explains a lot. Back at David’s new home (I’ll be honest, I totally forgot) , Veronica took a tumble over a flight of stairs. Madison wanted Jeffery to call for an ambulance, but Jeffery seemed content with his mother finally meeting the Grim Reaper. It was quite entertaining to say the least America.

“Please that bi**h won’t die. She’s like a cockroach, you can’t kill her,” quipped Jeffery. Oh, that was terrific dialogue America. Derrick was by Hanna’s side as Benny was rushed into the ER. She was inquisitive when Mitch arrived to the hospital; she knew he had some Intel on Benny’s predicament and she wanted answers. He spilled the truth, and Hanna saw red. Unfortunately, Hanna has no clue how treacherous the Malone clan can be, even though Mitch did everything in his power to prevent the attack from taking place in the first place.

Hanna and Derrick wanted Mitch to vacate the premises, but Mitch was a standup character; he refused to abandon his pal in his time of need. Madison did his best to reason with Jeffery about his predicament involving Veronica. Looks like the Ice Queen is going to survive yet again, but the question that remains is what will so do as a form of retaliation against her son?

Candace was in tears in the bathroom, and she finally grieved the loss of her son. Charles came to her side to comfort her. He realized Candace is like a chameleon; she can turn her emotions on and off like a light switch. Candace learned from Mitch that Benny was shot.  She immediately rushed to her brother’s side, with Charles as her protector. The FBI paid Veronica a visit who was up and refusing to talk. Hmm, she did not throw Jeffery under the bus. The Ice Queen is cornered and I love that she is scrambling to find a way to get out of that car bombing.

Veronica is good, but the FBI does not seem the least bit spooked by her antics. Threats were made on both ends, so this is a battle I cannot wait to see unravel as the season progresses. She had some ammunition on that FBI agent who she pegged as a cocaine addict. Veronica is indeed good people; her ability to weasel out of situations, where the average American would NOT be able to, is indeed impressive.

Katheryn was pleased with her antics, her ability to turn the tables on her hotel manager, Broderick, who attempted to blackmail her. Broderick was informed to shut down the prostitution ring otherwise he becomes her sex slave. Katheryn wanted Candace in jail, but with Charles by her side, Katheryn might be dancing with a foe that even she can’t outwit or overpower. Broderick started to spill plenty of tea about Candace’s relationship with Rocky, and she wanted ammo against her opponent. It was hilarious watching Katheryn taunt and toy with Broderick.

Wyatt was still doing everything in his power to weasel his way out of being on house arrest. Sarah stopped by looking for Jim, and Wyatt did his best to wine and dine her to gather information as leverage against his father. Rocky was not pleased to see that his involvement in the prostitution ring has been exposed, and it looks like Katheryn has yet another boy toy to play with.

David and Jim were slightly perturbed to discover that the future President of the United States, Charles has made things complicated to get in and out of the hospital. Jim spilled to David that his informant delivered evidence to him, and it looks like the Cryers and Harringtons are in a situation where they might finally pay for their crimes. The final moments of the episode were exciting to say the least as Hanna was not happy to come face-to-face with Candace, with Charles by her side.

The tease for the rest of this season looks fantastic people and I’m starting to wonder if season seven is the season that wraps it all up as we bid adieu to “The Haves and the Have Nots.” I certainly hope not because this guilty pleasure is one that I cannot afford to lose right now. ‘Temptation Tuesday’ has returned and to all my “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards I’ll see you next week!