HOLLYWOOD—Benny may have escaped the fire, but that doesn’t mean the smoke will not continue to follow him on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” This week’s episode, ‘Sugar Mamma’ saw Benny gain the upper hand, but he was about to be haunted about what he walked into. Candace was not happy to learn from Leslie that Rocky gave her up to Oscar. It became apparent Leslie is the male version of Candace.

Speaking of covering her tracks, Candace assigned Leslie to utilize his magic on Veronica Harrington. Could this be a new relationship in the works? Jim learned from Oscar that his money was taken by his nemesis Candace! To say that Mr. Cryer was livid was an understatement. Oscar did his best to explain the situation to Jim, but he was flustered to say the least. Jim made some wicked threats; either Oscar obtains his money in 24 hours or he is a dead man. Benny alerted Mitch that he found his uncle Vinny dead on the bar floor. Candace heard the commotion between Benny and Mitch and confronted her son after he entered the house. Hanna was worried sick about her son, and the money she saw him with. This is s first; Benny divulged the dirty details about his entanglement with Mitch’s family.

Benny wanted to contact Veronica, but Hanna decided Katheryn was a better option to deal with the situation. Benny was adamant about utilizing Veronica, but considering that he just scorned her, things will NOT turn out well. Speaking of the Ice Queen, she was surprised to see Leslie in her home. The flirting between these two is quite fun to watch. When Leslie took off his shirt, it immediately caught Veronica’s attention.

David barged into David’s place causing a scene, which alarmed Erica to say the least. She immediately called Candace, as she eavesdropped on their conversation. David went to vouch for Oscar, but Jim wasn’t so certain. Candace did not seem worried about the situation to say the least and immediately dismissed her former pal. The two judges put their heads together to discover that Lloyd opened a bank account for Candace on the recommendation of Veronica Harrington. Candace learned that David and Jim are onto her scheme, just as Jim learned that the money wired into the account was soon taken out and the account was closed.

Oh, this is getting juicy because Jim and David learned the money was sent to Benny’s account. Candace, as much as you attempt to do right, you always put your family in situations where it’s 10x worse than before. I mean Benny is tied up with the Malone’s, Melissa, Veronica and now potential foes of Jim and David. Leslie and Veronica’s flirtmance was interrupted by the arrival of Benny. Veronica was in no mood to chat with Benny, who was adamant he wasn’t leaving without having a conversation.

Benny was forced to beg for forgiveness from Veronica, just as he decided to start to spill details on his situation. Unbeknownst to Veronica, Leslie was upstairs pilfering items from her jewelry box and her closet. Leslie messing around with Veronica could turn you into a dead man buddy. Charles alerted Landon of his interest of moving to Savannah to be close to Candace, who has no interest in him whatsoever. Again, Landon attempted to make a move on Charles by taking off his shoes. Jeez, Charles take a clue: Landon is into you big time!

Veronica was willing to help Benny, but in exchange he needed her to give him his body, but he was able to ward off her advances. Even in her drunken state of mind, this woman is still wicked to the core. Hanna was an emotional mess speaking with Katheryn about Benny’s situation, where it became a wakeup call to Katheryn that Wyatt is entangled into this mess. Yeah, Katheryn is placed in a catch-22 yet again where she has to choose between saving her son and Hanna’s son. Even Katheryn was advocating Veronica’s services because as wicked as that woman is, she is the best of the best in the legal arena.

Things get much more complicated, as Jim divulged to Katheryn that Candace took Wyatt’s inheritance, and Katheryn lied to Jim about Benny’s situation, but not before Jim indicated that Wyatt’s inheritance is in Benny’s bank account. Crazy, crazy, crazy! The final moments of the episode saw Jeffery pay Wyatt a visit to inform him that he was about to be committed on a 50/50. Wyatt was not happy to discover that Jeffery was about to have him committed. Jeffery, listen to Wyatt because he did kill a man in a bar. Wyatt refused to follow Jeffery’s orders, and things became complicated by the arrival of Justin, who made a tense situation worse. Wow, Wyatt was actually placed in the white jacket, just as Justin’s crazy antics reached a devastating point: he pointed a gun at Jeffery’s head, as well as his.

I knew Jeffery was getting way too deep with this relationship because Justin has major anger issues. Next week, Katheryn wants to lay down the law, just as Rocky gets a taste of what happens when Candace unleashes her really dark side. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!