HOLLYWOOD—Well last week was a devastating one for the Cryer clan on “The Haves and the Have Nots” as Katheryn learned the devastating news that her son Wyatt Cryer is dead. This week’s episode, ‘The Apple Tree’ saw Katheryn reacting to the news, as Hanna stood by her former boss’ side in her time of need.

Katheryn was so numb, it left Hanna dumbfounded with attempting to provide answers to her boss why her son is dead. Hanna broke down the harsh truth to Katheryn that actions of the past always return to haunt. Hanna was tasked with the difficultly of telling Jim that Wyatt is dead. She was petrified of the thought of breaking the news to her husband that their son is dead, but Hanna agreed to inform Jim of the news.

Candace was startled to find Warlock in her bed, as he made more threats that if he didn’t have his money by the end of the day, Benny would be a dead man. Mitch alerted Benny that the phones are still not working, which prompted Mitch to hint that something is going on between Warlock and Candace. Mitch was adamant that War was not good for business.

He attempted to reveal to Benny what was transpiring between War and Candace, but Benny was on the defensive. Jesus, Benny why can’t you see the light that is shining right in front of your face! Mitch gave War the death stare, as it was apparent he knows what Benny’s so-called pal has been up to. I mean Warlock was basically looking at Benny with death in his eyes.

Jeffrey stopped by Candace’s place to alert her Maggie is dead, but she was already well aware. Jeffrey received a call from Officer Justin who requested his presence. Mitch stopped by Candace’s place to confront her about her relationship with War, and he informed her that he’d tell Benny the dirty truth. She revealed that she owes War a lot of money and the two shared an interesting kiss to say the least. Candace, you are getting entangled into way too many webs. Mitch made a call to ensure that Candace and Benny were protected from War by ensuring drugs were placed into Benny’s so called pals car to get him arrested.

Ok, I was a bit on the fence about Mitch, but I’m starting to like the guy. Jeffrey paid a visit to Veronica who was not pleased with his style of clothing. Gosh, the tension between these two can’t be described with words. I can’t WAIT till the Ice Queen falls from grace, and oh, it’s going to happen. Jeffrey was stunned to see that his mother set-up a nursery, and planned for him and Melissa to live happily ever-after. Jeffrey was fuming mad when his mother pointed out that Quincy had been murdered at Candace’s home.

Candace reviewed the documents from the bank where she asked for $2 million in cash. Jeffrey had a another dalliance with Officer Justin, as the two made it crystal clear what happened in The Sarandon Hotel stayed in The Sarandon Hotel. Officer Justin started to reveal his truth, but Jeffrey cut him off.

Candace received video from Warlock who was at the tow yard as he made threats that he was ready to take out Benny. Jeez Candace, you should have read the paperwork clearly, cause you are about to be in for a world of shock. How in hell could Benny not see that guy pointing a gun right at him?

Jeffrey arrived back at her mother’s home, and she was not thrilled with the suit jacket that he wore, which led to her slapping him multiple times on the face, upsetting her only child. Veronica be careful cause Jeffrey is about to become just as wicked as you by utilizing Officer Justin to nail you to the coffin. Melissa is back in the foray, but still as delusional as ever. Oh my God, this woman is wicked to the core.

Hanna was frustrated when she came face-to-face with Jim to break the news about Wyatt. He blew tons of smoke, unaware that she was about to deliver some devastating news to him. Hanna had trouble ushering the words, but found the courage to break the news to Jim that Wyatt is dead. It dealt Jim with a blow unlike any other, and it left him in unbearable pain.

Next week looks good people, as it becomes clear that Jeffrey is finally about to snap on his mother and he might find an ally in Melissa. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ ‘Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!