HOLLYWOOD—This week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” didn’t immediately pick up where last week ended. ‘The Surgeon’ kicked things off with Charles airing out his grievances with Landon about the stressors that come with being the next President of the United States of America. The conversation quickly turned to talk about Candace, but it seemed Landon might have an ulterior motive to try to get closer to the man he is secretly crushing on.

Veronica watched video of happier times between her and David, particularly their wedding day. Yeah, this woman is an emotional mess and that threat he made is causing her to spiral out of control. Leslie, you are in over your head, and you’re not playing with fire, you’re dancing with the Devil and it will indeed be your undoing. Veronica did not like being called crazy and went into attack mode; yeah something is indeed wrong with the Ice Queen. Ruthless, she cooked some hot grits and planned to pour them on Leslie to send a clear message: when she says get out of her house she means it!

The bromance between Landon and Charles is building; they’re both as drunk as a skunk, which resulted in Landon helping Charles get out of his clothes. Landon attempted to make a move, and Charles was having none of it. Oops, looks like Landon might have torpedoed his career. Resist temptation, resist temptation. Rocky continued to push Candace’s buttons, and things got juicy when Candace realized that Landon made a move on Charles. Candace laughed at Landon’s blunder, and it was hilarious to say the least.

Sarah was surprised to find Wyatt in the back of her trunk. Wyatt wanted a fix and Sarah was apprehensive, but after realizing Wyatt could help her with her case she used him as a bargaining chip. Candace wanted an update from Mitch about what happened with Benny as he pried into her personal life. Mitch attempted to pry information from his uncle Vinny about Benny’s attack. Mitch wanted to know who was after his buddy, and learned that it was Jim Cryer who was the person who implemented the attack on Benny. Mitch learned that Benny has over $8 million in the bank, and that Jim is sending goons to strike at Benny to send a message. Oh, this has gotten interesting America.

David was full of rage and it concerned Jeffery, just as Madison changed his bandages. Yeah, not a smart idea to talk about killing someone in front of a nurse! I’ve never seen David this angry, so whatever he has planned for his ex-wife is going to be grand in nature. David alerted Jim about the information that Veronica has on all of them, and that Veronica was entangled in the mess with Erica. Someone is going down people, I sense it will be a ‘HAVE,’ the question is who?

Jim was worried about Wyatt’s whereabouts, and Katheryn warned if the DA gets a hold of Wyatt it all explodes. Wow, Jim you are smart, you realized everything to a ‘T,’ Sarah nabbed Wyatt! Derrick was trying to put the moves on Hanna who was not having it. He called a spade a spade with Hanna’s bedroom attire. Benny interrupted Hanna’s nightcap, and played the role of a child in need. Katheryn wanted to indulge in playtime with Broderick, who was afraid to rattle Jim Cryer. Ricky warned his pal, but it looks like his hands are tied to say the least.

Looks like Madison and Jeffery are getting closer, but not close enough for Jeffery to sleep with him. Madison tried to psychoanalyze Jeffery, who was not ready to share all the details on the situation. Things got scary when Madison spotted a red light on Jeffery’s forehead. Well, we know its Justin. Next week looks crazy, as the DA gets closer to nailing the foursome, David makes a move to protect Jeffery and Candace learns Jim was behind Benny’s attack. Oh, the war between Candace and Jim is about to explode and I cannot wait. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!