HOLLYWOOD—If you like a good cliffhanger, Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” delivered an epic one last week with Officer Justin pulling the trigger on two guns shooting himself and Jeffery in the head. So who lived and who died? That answer was delivered in this week’s episode, ‘Tomorrow’s Not Promised’ which saw David and Veronica actually reunite for the sake of their son.

Madison was in panic mode attempting to reach David to alert him about Jeffery’s condition, but instead he reached Veronica and was worried sick about her arrival. Why was he being so coy with both Veronica and David about Jeffery’s condition? Just say it: Jeffery was shot in the head! Veronica arrived at the hospital and wanted answers about Jeffery’s condition. Husband and wife were concerned, and when David dropped the bomb that Justin was at the cause, her rage erupted.

There’s the twist, not two gunshot wounds to the head, it was only one. Looks like the person shot in the head was Jeffery, not Justin, this is going to lead to some mayhem to say the least America. Veronica is out for blood. Her hatred for homosexuality front-and-center erupted, but David did not want to hear a single word, as the Ice Queen tried to place blame on her husband.

Madison delivered some news that shook me: Jeffery did not survive the shooting, but Veronica was in doubt about the truth. Man that woman is a cruel being to say the least; she rattled Madison to the core, just as David broke down in tears. Some fine acting to say the least. Mitch had a conversation with his cousin about Wyatt and Benny’s predicament. Wyatt was eager to get his hands on those drugs, but RK was busy trying to flash his new digs and Wyatt warned RK he could find himself in trouble with authorities if he doesn’t deliver what he needs.

Katheryn took a moment to gather herself from drinking too much, just as Jim did all in his power to annoy his wife. Looks like a hangover can really cause people to do stupid things. Wyatt was taken aback to see Mitch arrive at the home to speak to Jim. Mitch informed Jim that in order to keep the peace, he better pay up, $75,000. Hmm, looks like Mitch is trying to earn enough money to cover Benny as well. When Mitch asked for the $75,000 up front, it caused Jim to rattle a bit. Hmm, he’s scared of Mama Rose, and when the demands came clear that the money was needed ASAP, it became clear Mitch can be just a ruthless as his family. Jim informed Wyatt that his latest stunt could place him in a body bag, Wyatt puffed his chest per usual and Jim just swallowed the BS that his son was spewing. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree America.

Back at the Artesian Hotel, the FBI is starting to hone in on trying to nail Candace, too bad Broderick was not willing to play ball. However, when his legal status became threatened he started to sing like a canary. Uh-oh, Candace and Charles should worry cause they could be in deep water. On the flip side, Candace and Charles were still playing house unaware of the potential threat looming their way.

Charles learned that a story is being cooked by the New York Times about Candace and how things are about to blow up in his face. Charles’ love for Candace might ultimately lead to him losing the presidency. Ok, Charles, it’s time to see that dark side of yours emerge; we know it exists and the audience has been teased about it for months. Let’s see you roar for the woman you love. Candace could sense something was wrong, but couldn’t quite pinpoint it. Candace and Benny chatted, where he asked his sister for a loan, just as Hanna entered the room. So Benny had to play coy, but when Hanna revealed she worked out arrangements to clear his debt with the Malone clan, he was ecstatic. `

Derrick is still pestering Hanna, who did everything in her power to keep Benny from learning the truth about what Derrick did to her. I want this secret to blow up real soon just to see the ugly aftermath. Madison was an emotional mess about the revelation concerning Jeffery. Madison alerted David that he needed to identify Jeffery’s body. Now, why do I sense a twist is in the works, where I sense Jeffery is not the one who was shot dead. C’mon Tyler, you have to do better than this, I could sense this coming a million miles away.

Broderick started to sing a bit about the prostitution ring involving Candace and his tryst with Katheryn Cryer. The FBI is scary, but I sense the Cryer clan is not the least bit afraid, but Broderick might have delivered Intel that could work against Candace in the long run. The final moments of the episode, saw Madison and David identify the body, surprise, it was not Jeffery, just as Veronica encountered a familiar face that left her speechless.

Next week looks like another fun one, as Veronica comes face-to-face with Justin, David wants answers, the FBI closes in on exposing the prostitution ring and Benny and Hanna are in for a shock. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!