HOLLYWOOD—It’s here, Tuesday nights must-see guilty pleasure, Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” returned for its season 5 premiere this week and it was full of juicy details and surprises. The season five premiere, ‘A Cup of Tea’ saw the drama pick up precisely where it left off, with Katheryn Cryer fatally shooting District Attorney Jennifer Sallison and unveiling all of her former BFF Veronica’s dirty misdeeds.

It was epic television seeing the Ice Queen virtually shook; I mean Veronica has made an enemy out of a woman who will literally shoot her dead if she pushes the wrong button. The episode opened with Veronica in a state of complete disarray as she fumbled to locate her cellphone which was in her car.

She rushed furiously to escape the Cryer mansion, but all the doors were locked. She tried the house phone, but got no answer. The audience got a great confrontation as Katheryn confronted her nemesis taunting her in classic fashion, “The Devil is afraid,” Katheryn quipped. Oh, this was EPIC television to finally see the nefarious Veronica get a taste of her own medicine.

She was Katheryn’s puppet and it was glorious ‘HAHN’ fanatics! Veronica wanted to cover up Jennifer’s murder and begged for forgiveness, but this mother was having none of it. Katheryn was naming every dirty deed that Veronica has committed during her career, which means she is more aware of her enemy than Veronica ever expected. Katheryn pulling out that butcher knife to cut a lemon left me reeling! Mr. Perry you have done well.

More juicy tidbit at the campaign office saw Candace beating Oscar aka Brandon Walsh with a pole about his involvement in stealing her money. Candace was already aware of Brandon’s boss and he begged her to spare his life, but he acknowledged that her funds were already gone. He grabbed the pole from her and an epic fight occurred where Brandon got the upper hand over our vixen. He shared his sordid past with his former lover and asked for her participation in his latest scheme to gain hundreds of millions of dollars.

Back at the hospital, Jeffrey stood by Wyatt’s side hoping Candace would give him a call about the search warrant that was just served at her home. Officer Lewis called Jeffrey asking about what is hidden in the background, and Jeffrey started singing like a fish. So Jeffrey’s secret lover, Justin, now knows about Quincy’s death and the role he played, while also making Candace culpable. Wow, Wyatt has awoken after being MIA for nearly an entire season, asking Jeffrey who he killed.

Benny was still an emotional wreck with the betrayal he was delivered courtesy of his sister, as Hanna did her best to keep her spirits high in the midst of turmoil. Hanna’s ability to have hope in the midst of utter chaos leaves me inspired in ways that I can never imagine. Well, well, Candace stopped by to alert Benny of the latest development. It was a family reunion, but there was nothing lovely about the situation as Hanna and Benny traded spars at each other, and Candace.

Candace’s sarcasm was hilarious, just as she never backed down as she found herself attacked by brother and mother. She wanted to turn herself in, but Hanna dropped a bomb when it became clear she knew about Quincy. Hmm, brother and sister were speechless to say the least. Mother and daughter continued to trade insults, while Benny promised to protect his sister from jail.

David had a meeting with Charles, a new face, who could become the next President of the United States of America. Well, it looks like some scandal might be in the works with this politician that David has a relationship with. David is still cuddling with Erica, before being interrupted by a phone call from Jim begging his pal to get him out of jail. David was concerned when Jim asked him to get Warlock out of prison as well, hmm, be careful David I see you making all the wrong moves that can lead to an epic fail that is long-awaited.

So we return where the episode opened with Veronica still in the crosshairs of Katheryn’s fury, as she drank her tea. Katheryn called out Veronica on her tactics that led to her son being viciously attacked in prison, and this level of fury from the Cryer matriarch was stellar acting. Veronica tried to justify her actions, but only looked like a fool even more.

Oh, this is good because Katheryn pulled her ace in the bag out by revealing all of Veronica’s past history involving her parents, her siblings and that she slept with Katheryn’s father to earn a scholarship. What? It looks like Katheryn is well aware that Veronica is not as powerful as she likes the rest of the world to think. Katheryn grabbed that butcher knife and came after Veronica with that knife slicing her on the arm.

I thought season four of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” was good, but season 5 looks to be more twisted and shocking than anything viewers have seen before. Get tucked in for ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!