HOLLYWOOD—Next week marks the end of the third season of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots,” but, before we can get to the finale, we had the penultimate episode that will indeed set the stage for drama that will have audiences talking until the series returns for its fourth season in January 2016.

The latest episode, ‘Sheep’s Clothing,’ dealt with the aftermath of Hanna learning that her home has been destroyed, with Katheryn by her side. Thankfully, Katheryn was there to stand up for her friend and assist with the stupid questions that were asked. She was desperate to assist Hanna, who ONCE again refused any handouts. Benny arrived on the scene and realized that it was Quincy who was responsible for driving the vehicle through her home. It was heartbreaking to watch Hanna break down in tears.

At the campaign office, Jim was busy on the phone ensuring those on his hit list were taken care of. He made plans to save Veronica Harrington for last; oh, Jim, what do you have planned? Candace was a bit concerned when she didn’t hear back from Benny and received a knock on her door with a delivery of tons of flowers from Oscar. Jeffrey stopped by and the two pals discussed him moving into her home.

Maggie continued to pull strings in her attempt to get David to spill the beans to her, but he refused to let skeletons out of the closet. She pushed the notion of him running for the governor’s seat, which left David slightly on edge; he refused stabbing his friend in the back. Gosh, this guy is beyond loyal. Celine received a visit from Jim, who put the moves on his former maid as she did her best to resist temptation, and the two got hot and heavy on her couch. The scene was a bit disturbing to say the least. Candace took Jeffrey by Benny’s tow yard, which led to Jeffrey discovering his Sedan, which has been missing for weeks.

Veronica and Katheryn chatted about rescheduling their tea date, and Veronica was as cold as ever. The Ice Queen was none too pleased to receive a visit at her door from Maggie, and the ladies traded wicked spars. Maggie enticed her enemy by handing her pictures of her affair with Benny. Wow, she knew she was being followed and did nothing about it. She revealed to Veronica that she wants David to run for governor.

Could these two enemies become allies for something bigger? Veronica poked at Maggie, but chose not to play her game. “There are no witnesses here,” quipped Veronica. Maggie acknowledged that she has been pawing after David for months, which led Veronica to tears; she admitted that her and David never slept together.

The ruthless one broke down into tears when Maggie disclosed the truth; she made an epic mistake and it was riddled all over her face. Wyatt received a call from the district attorney, who offered him immunity if he testified against his parents and the Harrington clan. When she alerted him she was aware of what happened to him behind bars, she spilled all the juicy details of who pulled the strings during his prison stint. When Katheryn interrupted his call he did his best to get her to scam, which left Wyatt pondering his thoughts. Jeffrey alerted Wyatt that he found the car.

At the hospital, Candace paid a visit to the social worker who alerted her that Quincy showed up to the hospital, which scared Candace out of her mind, thinking that Quincy might be after her. I was beyond baffled to discover that Candace did not want to see her son, which left Child Welfare debating that Hanna is the best choice to award full-custody of Quincy Jr. to. It’s not that Candace didn’t want to see her son; she was beyond petrified of Quincy finding her.

Maggie does her best to convince David to run for the governor's seat.
Maggie does her best to convince David to run for the governor’s seat.

Celine basked in the midst of her lovemaking session, but things turned sour when she realized she was not coming back to work at the Cryer mansion. He just played her and she had no idea, so it looks like the stage has been set for what is sure to be a bloodbath come next week. Benny and Hanna arrived at his ‘home’ and the two discussed what transpired, but Hanna was broken. To hear Benny talk as if his mother losing her house was no big deal left me speechless.

Jeez, Benny, have a bit of compassion! Hanna speculated the dumbest theory in the world that her own daughter would drive a car through her home. Okay, Hanna has lost all my respect. Hanna then realized that Candace bought the home that Benny was staying in, which enraged her to the core. Benny was thrown by her mother questioning him, and he looked like a dumb puppy.

When she learned that her son betrayed her yet again, she wanted Benny to take her Candace’s home. Oh, my God, next week’s finale is going to blow my mind, because all the pieces are in place to send shockwaves. ‘Sheep’s Clothing’ showed just how a penultimate episode should be crafted. Until next Tuesday, “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!