HOLLYWOOD—Last week Candace discovered that Hanna and Benny located her son Quincy Jr. and was on a plane from New York back to Savannah to reunite with her son. On this week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and Have Nots,” ‘A Home For Q’ saw a custody battle ensuing as Hanna and Candace went toe-to-toe to ensure the little one was safe.

It’s apparent that Jim’s attempt to teach Wyatt tough love backfired, and when one of Jim’s security detail discovered an inmate who shouldn’t have been in Wyatt’s cell all hell broke loose. So it looks like someone planted that inmate in Wyatt’s cell; the question is who? I swear if this was a tactic of the nefarious Veronica, she is about to start a war she will be unable to win.

Hanna touched base with Katheryn, but didn’t disclose details pertaining to her grandson’s well-being. When Hanna discovered that Benny has his own towing company, it caught her off guard. Hanna was not willing to cover bases for her daughter when speaking with the social worker about maintaining custody. Cue the fireworks because they are sure to explode.

Wow, we haven’t seen Celine and her son Carlos in quite some time. It was a welcome surprise to say the least, but #4 is still in denial that Jim has no intention of calling her to return back to work. Who is Jimmy? Is this another secret Cryer child the audience has yet to meet? What a treat the audience received when the district attorney came face-to-face with Veronica, David, Jim and Katheryn to play Wyatt’s confession tape. Veronica is a ballsy woman; she admitted to the DA that she burned down her house in an attempt to murder her husband. These adults did everything in their power to cover their tracks, but the DA was not buying anything that was being sold.

Veronica called the DA a b***h! She is only adding fuel to the fire and making her situation that much worse. When David and Jim learned that Veronica knew Wyatt was behind bars it sent shivers down their spine. David confronted his wife and became well aware that Wyatt was in grave danger, and when he alerted Jim panic began to ensue. Benny became a bit annoyed with Veronica who continued to be clingy as hell, and finally she went toe-to-toe with someone who is not about to put up with her BS. Yes, I loved seeing that.

Heartstrings were pulled on the audience when Candace came face-to-face with Quincy Jr. When Candace learned that her son was being abused she nearly lost it. A tender moment turned into a moment of rage when Candace decided she would go toe-to-toe with her mother to ensure that custody of her child is not taken away from her. Hanna has done some questionable things, but even I can’t agree with what she is doing.

To see this family slowly fracture in what is supposed to a joyous moment was beyond heartbreaking. When Hanna decided to give Oscar the third-degree she was slightly surprised how much he knew about her daughter. Candace utilized her legal knowledge to prevent Hanna from having contact with her son until the court makes a decision. Veronica got confirmation from her inmate that her plan to scare Wyatt senseless was successful, but she is about to make an enemy out of the Cryer family that will be the end of her. Maggie kept her private investigator tailing Veronica who showed up to Benny’s towing yard once again. It looks like she spotted the Black Sedan that she has been eagerly trying to get her hands on. She attempted to seduce Benny once again, but he seemed to be aware of her games, but was unable to resist temptation. Maggie decided for once and all to show David what has been in front of him for weeks. Celine showed up to Jim’s campaign office looking to speak to him and discovered that her employment is not up for debate.

Uh-oh, looks like a scorned Celine can be quite dangerous to say the least. Benny is a hit it and quit it type, and Veronica was about to be caught in the act as Maggie and David pulled up to the tow yard. David then spotted his wife exiting the facility. David seemed to suspect that Veronica was looking for the car, not that she was having an affair. David just spilled the beans about the car without knowing Maggie had no idea about it. Next week looks terrific as the truth about Jim’s past transgressions look to be aired on live TV during a press conference. Until next Tuesday “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!