HOLLYWOOD—The penultimate episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” saw the craziness between the Cryer, Young and Harrington clan reach new heights. The episode ‘Beg For What You Need’ saw Jeffrey continue to push the buttons of Officer Justin who was caught off guard when Candace showed up to her residence.

Our vixen was alarmed when she heard the name Quita Maxwell, which further raised questions for Officer Justin. Candace and Jeffrey discussed the removal of Quincy’s body, and the two pals continued to quarrel. Jeffrey got to meet Candy’s friend Erica, who once again warned her pal to not mess around with Warlock.

Candace was quite defensive when Jeffrey realized that his keys might be buried in the ground, which forced her to reveal that Quincy was buried in her backyard. Jeffrey was erratic when he learned that Officer Justin had been inappropriately harassing and making moves on him. Candace deciphered a plan to utilize Officer Justin to their advantage to protect the truth about Quincy’s death coming to the surface.

Hanna was an absolute mess as she frantically searched for any spare money or change that she could find in the Cryer residence. She was looking for funds in every possible location she could find. Has the heavenly one crossed over to the dark side? Per usual Wyatt indulged in booze and drugs with a room full of cohorts by his side.

Veronica learned from Quita that someone is waiting at her home to take her out. Quita divulged all the details about what she learned from poking around at Candace’s home. This is welcome news for Veronica who is determined to use this information to her advantage to teach her son or one of her many enemies a lesson. David rushed to the prison in an attempt to get to his wife before it’s too late. Katheryn was not pleased to learn that Wyatt gained access to his inheritance and has gone MIA. She later realized that Candace swindled money from her husband.

Hanna confronted Katheryn about being treated like a slave; she gave her pal all her rings, all the funds that she had to keep Hanna by her side. Mrs. Cryer broke down in a way that she has never done before. Hanna stood her ground and it shattered Katheryn to pieces. The mystery that Hanna has been dying to know came to light: Katheryn confessed that Candace got her money courtesy of blackmailing Jim. For a second, I seriously thought that Hanna might stand by her employer’s side, but she marched out.

Benny was not happy to realize that his affair with Veronica has been splattered all over the newspaper. His pal did his best to convince him to confess the truth to get the phones properly working again. Candace stopped by to have a talk with Benny about the whereabouts of Warlock and his threats on her life, but out of nowhere, Warlock interrupted the conversation. He made threats and the villainess was more frightened than ever. She warned her brother about Warlock’s presence.

She pushed for her brother to file a lawsuit against the Cryer clan. He was not happy to hear that Candace needs to mortgage her house, the tow yard and his house; and he flipped out. He wanted answers, and suspected that his sister was in trouble yet again, and he pressed for answers, but she played coy. Back at The Sarandon Hotel, Wyatt continued to indulge in a heavy drug fest, where an overdose looked imminent.

Katheryn paid Jim a visit to alert him that Jennifer Sallison had Wyatt’s inheritance released placing their son’s life at risk. Jennifer was worried when she couldn’t get in contact with Wyatt, and later received a visit from David who was frazzled about Veronica’s whereabouts, and he was quite forceful. He begged his former flame to allow him to see Jim Cryer. Benny and Candace met with a lawyer regarding a lawsuit for his hit-and-run accident.

Hanna returned to the hospital and was stunned to realize from Aaliyah that things have turned for the worst involving her custody battle for Quincy Jr. It became apparent to Hanna that Candace viciously attacked Aaliyah. World War 3 is about to be unleashed between Candace and Hanna and things will not end well. Erica did her best to convince her pal that a life and death situation is looming above her so it’s imperative that she takes action sooner than later.

The final moments of the episode ended with Veronica scoping the cameras of her home where she spotted a man waiting inside her home ready to take her out. She called Maggie over the phone, staging a plan for her to take a bullet instead of her. Darn, Veronica is one dirty lady. A major character is expected to meet the Grim Reaper in next week’s mid-season finale. I am indeed counting down the days till next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!