HOLLYWOOD—Last week Wyatt learned a valuable lesson from his father Jim Cryer; don’t bite the hand that feeds you. The latest episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and Have Nots” saw Candace show her brother Benny her new workplace during the episode ‘Candace Young Esq.’ I find it amazing that Maggie was willing to go along with this ruse.

Candace pushed Maggie’s buttons, and I’m stunned that Maggie didn’t decide to push back. Benny bought the entire tale that was being weaved at him, without any hiccups. Maggie was forced to do damage control to ensure Jim and David were protected in their run for the governor’s seat.

Veronica received a call from Katheryn just as she was in the midst of buying a home. She alerted her friend that District Attorney Salason wanted to see her, Veronica, David and Jim about Wyatt’s allegations. When Katheryn brought up the issue of the car, Veronica did her best to sweep things under the rug. This woman is as cold as ice. She lost it when she learned that the car she had kept hidden has gone MIA. Finally, the ice queen is falling to pieces because the car is in the tow yard; Benny’s new workplace.

Jim brought Wyatt to his home, but only for a short moment, which frightened Katheryn who realized her son Wyatt is in prison. He was none too pleased to see the DA is still digging for information, while he continues his quest to teach his son a lesson and go after the professor who raped his daughter. Wyatt met his new jail mate who was a threatening presence to say the least, and Wyatt learned that in prison things are not like he thought. To say he was scared was an understatement to say the least.

Benny and Candace celebrated his new business venture, as Candace questioned how he wrecked her mother’s car. So Candace actually has love for her mother; she bought her a car. She did her best to try to convince her brother to keep things quiet from his mother. They were interrupted by the arrival of Veronica, just as Candace dropped the bombshell that Benny owns the tow truck company. Candace picked up on the weird vibes between her brother and Veronica. Candace was well aware that Veronica was up to something, and Benny kept divulging details unaware his sister was carefully observing.

Benny set up a drug deal in his attempt to put together his masterplan to take down Quincy. For a guy who was a mama’s boy when the series began, Benny is sure crossing over to the dark side. When Benny explained to Hanna that he saw Candace’s job, her mother didn’t believe a word of it. Is this wrong, that I actually feel bad for Wyatt, perhaps Jim took the notion of teaching a lesson a bit too far?

Jim shared with David that he was responsible for Wyatt being sexually abused as a child. Why? He was too busy canoodling with Celine. Yes Jim, guilt will eat away at one’s soul as it’s happening to you right now. Wyatt convinced himself that the only way to rescue himself was to admit to lying about his involvement in the hit-and-run incident.

Benny arrived at the prison to bail out his sister’s enemy, and gave him a ride that showed Benny is willing to do anything to protect his mother and sister. The speed in the car intensified, as Benny planned to crash the vehicle to kill him, and the two got into a scuffle that ended in an epic crash. Now that is what you call a cliffhanger! Can’t wait to see what happens in next week’s episode. Until next week “Have and Have Nots” die-hards!