HOLLYWOOD—The sparks of the fire ignited last week on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and Have Nots,” but this week the drama reached new heights as Wyatt’s confession to Jennifer, the district attorney had ripple effects. Just as Wyatt planned to confess to Hanna about his involvement in Benny’s hit-and-run, Veronica intervened. This is indeed a wicked woman, who will go to extreme lengths to get what she wants. He didn’t seem too scared with Veronica taunting him, so she decided to echo threats back at him. “I collect on all my debts,” whispered a wicked Veronica. Gosh, this woman has some of the best lines ever!

Wyatt taunted the Queen Bee about Jeffrey and his homosexuality which has left her in uproar. “When is the Devil ever too tired to raise hell,” said Veronica to Jim. This woman is making enemies quicker than one can count.

What a sad day, as the Cryer family was forced to bury Amanda. Candace arrived at the funeral against her mother’s wishes. She unnerved so many people at the funeral grounds; it was almost sad and funny at the same time. First, she pushed Veronica’s buttons, than Wyatt’s, than Jeffrey’s and ultimately Katheryn. Something bad is in the works, because Katheryn seemed certain to have something up her sleeve regarding Candace.

Well, well we see the return of Celine and her son, Carlos. For those not in the know, Carlos is also Jim’s son and Wyatt’s brother. Back at the Cryer residence Maggie got the goods on Veronica and learned that she is having an affair with Benny, Hanna’s son. She seemed slightly stunned by the revelation. Just why in the world would Melissa show up at the Cryer residence? She seemed slightly frightened to be at the home as Veronica interrogated her. David was none too pleased to see his wife up to her wicked tricks once again. Jeffrey admitted to Wyatt that he had sex with Landon; it was almost as if these two have a secret torch for one another.

Veronica made it quite clear that Jeffrey and Melissa needed to talk, even as David did his best to get his son to live his life. Jeffrey unleashed a bit of anger on Melissa, who as we all know is only pestering him to ensure her father who is ill is taken care of.

Maggie is unable to stay away from David, as she alerted her fling that she is well aware that his wife set the fire at their home. She alerted him to be careful not to file an insurance claim. Gosh, David is so naïve. He was thrown for a loop when Maggie questioned him about where his truck was. Well, the audience already knows, it’s with Benny. No time wasted, she flipped through the photos in the folder, grappling rather to drop the bomb on him that his wife is cheating on him. David didn’t even inquire to look at them!

Melissa dropped the bomb to Candace and Jeffrey that she’s pregnant and Veronica staged the hold thing. Candace was tired of playing games and threatened to kick an *** if she didn’t get the truth. She admitted that her father has cancer and Veronica has control over all of their assets; if Melissa doesn’t follow Veronica’s orders, she will seize all of her family’s assets. Wow, this woman is cruel beyond words. Candace had a plan to use Melissa to finally get back at Veronica for her misdeeds.

Hanna confronted her daughter about showing up at the Cryer residence, as Katheryn decided to take the lead and teach ‘Candyland’ a lesson, with the matriarch and patriarch setting their plan in motion. Mother and daughter were on the verge of a fist-fight, and things almost took a nasty turn.

The final moments of the episode saw Candace being interrogated by Jim and Katheryn as to precisely what happened to Amanda, and Katheryn unleashed all hell when she whacked Candace over the head with a wine bottle, knocking her out cold. The duo then locked the torturer in the study. This show is so twisted, I can’t wait to see what transpires next week as more shocking things surface. Until next Tuesday “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!