HOLLYWOOD—Hanna made a bold move in last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” where she kidnapped her grandson, Quincy Jr. from the hospital. This week’s episode, ‘The Fugitive’ saw Hanna utilizing Katheryn’s home as a place to hide her grandson from the authorities and Candace. Benny was a nervous wreck after discovering the cops were camped out at his home and alerted Candace of the situation.

It became apparent that Quita is still looking for details on Quincy’s whereabouts, but a face from the past riled up some bad blood. Benny was willing to lie on his sword to protect Candace, but she refused to allow her brother to take the fall. Authorities showed up at Candace’s place, and all that worry was for nothing, as it became clear the two siblings learned a warrant was issued for Hanna’s arrest for kidnapping Quincy Jr. It became clear that Candace wanted to nail the hammer to her mother, while Benny defended his mother.

Jeffrey was none too pleased to see Melissa continuing to throw herself at him, and Veronica took the game of torture to new heights with a blonde wig. Melissa and Jeffrey put on a front to make noises to make Veronica suspect that they were having sex. Melissa and Jeffrey discussed their predicament, and it became clear that he’s not willing to play Veronica’s game. Benny, Benny those were some strong words for the authorities be clear that you’re not invincible.

The cops stopped by Katheryn’s home asking for updates on if she knew where Hanna might be, and the Cryer patriarch covered for her pal. She was none too pleased to receive a call from Jim who wanted updates on Wyatt’s condition. Yeppers, Hanna is hiding out at Katheryn’s home and she was in agreement that Candace not caring for her child is a shame. It was a treat to see Katheryn who has been under so much stress bust out a few laughs.

She warned Hanna that the Katheryn she knows could return a different person after she sees Wyatt in the hospital. Yes, Katheryn is looking to pull more strings to ensure Quincy Jr. is safe with Hanna. Seeing these two ladies laugh about their predicament was such a shining moment in this week’s episode; a bit of comedy for a series driven by so much drama. Mitch and Benny traded spars about the cops camping out near their place of business, just as Benny finally got in contact with Hanna about her current predicament, and she was making plans to turn herself into the authorities. Quita was not happy to discover that Zena was wearing a wire and the person listening in on their conversation is Veronica Harrington. Quita learned that Veronica got Quincy out of jail to take care of Candace. The Ice Queen will be none too happy to discover that her undercover snitch has been taken out. I can only imagine the level of hell she unleashes on Quita and her comrades.

Katheryn finally paid Wyatt a visit at the hospital where she continued to pour out her heart to her only surviving child. Oscar stopped by David’s office to warn him that he has to get out of town because he’s not only being followed, but tracked. Oscar is a smart cat, cause he has a decoy home he utilizes. Their conversation was broken up by the arrival of Veronica in her blonde wig. She was looking to push David’s buttons, but instead he came back with more insults and the fact that he filed divorce only angered Veronica even more.

He issued a restraining order against Veronica, where it became apparent that David was willing to do whatever needed to protect Jeffrey. He warned his wife that their son might snap and take her out. The final moments of the episode saw Benny attempt to sway Candace from putting their mother in jail for stealing her son. The brother and sister bickered about mistakes they’ve made in the past. Candace and Benny were stunned to see Lloyd stop by to discuss the loan she took out on the two houses and the tow yard. Benny looks peeved to say the least.

Man, next week’s episode looks juicy as the walls start to close in on Candace, Benny and Jeffrey regarding the whereabouts of Quincy. It’s the penultimate episode people, so we should expect plenty of surprises along the way. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!