HOLLYWOOD—The audience has known about Henrik aka Peter August and Valentin’s secret relationship for months, but at long last, “General Hospital” delivered fun surprises for audiences. Sam found Cesar Faison’s lighter in Peter’s office and she was able to decipher that Henrik is Peter August! However, there was another bomb to be dropped during the literal final moments of Friday’s episode.

After Valentin serenaded Nina and the entire crowd with a song, he was decked in the face by Robert Scorpio who managed to escape. Now, that is what you call a helluva of a cliffhanger. Robert created a scene that upstaged the Nurses Ball to say the least, and it left Robin, Nina and the rest of the guests perplexed. Looks like Valentin who has escaped his misdeeds so many times you’d think he was a cat has finally been busted. Nina was not only floored by the revelation, she seemed disgusted by her hubby’s latest transgression. Nina is no idiot and she started to decipher that Valentin had known Henrik’s identity for quite some time. So much to the point she suspects he could have prevented the collision course of events that ultimately led to Nathan’s death. Valentin did his best to warn Robert that Anna was walking into a trap and she certainly did.

Speaking of Peter, he was busy caring for Maxie who went into labor, just as Sam alerted Jason that Peter is Henrik and they needed to find him before it was too late. All this transpired, as Anna waited on the pier for Henrik to meet with her. Waiting patiently for Henrik to arrive, Anna was floored when she came face-to-face with Peter August. Peter didn’t seem too pleased to see Anna. He was under the impression that Anna was impersonating his real mother and he was out for blood.

Ok, why does this storyline seem like Déjà vu? Oh, yes that’s right, the same thing happened with Sonny and Dante! Anna found herself in a precarious situation, but thanks to Sam, Spinelli and Jason, they were already onto Henrik’s trail. Jason confronted the man that kept him locked up in a mental institution for nearly 6 years with gun in tow.

Per usual Ava finds a way to sabotage all of her relationships by over-examining things. FYI, there is nothing going on between Kiki and Griffin. He is simply helping out a protégé, but the more you push the worse you will make the situation. And to be honest, it wouldn’t be a bad thing for you to face a bit of retribution. If you wish for it, it sometimes comes true, because Ava’s jealously led to her severing ties with Griffin. Hmm, looks like Ava might get a taste of her own medicine soon.

I mean if you weren’t so focused on Nelle and Avery, you’d know your daughter has been dealing with some heavy stuff at GH courtesy of Dr. Bensch who has turned into a complete creep overnight. I mean this was the same guy initially enthralled in a relationship with Alexis and all of sudden it seems he is a man abusing his power in a goal to get what he wants. I was ecstatic to witness Kiki finally reveal to Michael (of all people) what she has endured. Now maybe someone with a bit of power will take action and eliminate this creeper.

I really don’t have the energy to discuss the Nelle and Carly debacle, but the one great thing is that Jason Morgan is on Carly’s side. Jason is a formidable foe, one that Nelle Benson does NOT want to go up against. Trust me, you can toy with Sonny, but if you toy with Jason there are no second chances because he will eliminate you in notorious fashion. The Nurses Ball wasn’t a complete bust because Jordan and Curtis got engaged, just as Maxie gave birth to a baby boy. There is just one major hiccup in all this madness: Peter’s identity is about to come out, but I’m not so certain he’ll be shunned forever. Why? He has an ally in his corner he had no idea about: his mother and he has a sister as well, and a niece. So the lonely guy could find himself in a situation where he has the family that he has longed for.

Tuesday’s episode was a whooper because news of Peter’s true identity spread like a wildfire, just as Peter learned the truth about his mother, who he spewed hatred at. Peter was taken off in cuffs, but it looks like Anna and Finn are about to get closer as a result. There is no way Peter will stay locked up, but Maxie and Nina learning about Peter threw them for a loop, but it looks like Valentin is about to nab Charlotte and go on the run because he knows the walls are about to close in on him in epic fashion. That is scary because this is one man when pushed does unspeakable things.

Dare I say this already, May 2018 without a doubt belongs to “General Hospital” because they certainly ramped up the level of drama, not to mention, news that Elizabeth Hendrickson is headed to the soap! Hmm, I wonder what resident in Port Charles she has connections to because anytime someone new shows up in town they always have a past or long-lost relative who is not eager to see them. This should be interesting “GH” fans!