SANTA MONICA—A high pressured gas main ruptured in Santa Monica’s Palisades Park on Monday, November 16, releasing strong smells “of natural gas” and noticeable “hissing,” according to a Santa Monica Fire Department (SMFD) incident report released to Canyon News.

SMFD ground units responded to the gas main break at 11:23 a.m., according to an SMFD spokesman, and released a public advisory alert cautioning denizens and motorists to avoid the area for potential hazards.

The accident occurred after construction crews, working on a local housing, heard hissing and a strong smell of natural gas emanating from their work site. SMFD investigators, on scene, found a high pressure gas main ruptured near the back side of the housing structure, and deemed it “cut” per accident of the construction work.

“[I] arrived to find a high pressure gas line severed during construction,” Captain Robert Erdmann said in the incident report. “[We were] able to plug the leak with a red wood plug … [and] remained on scene until gas company arrival.”

By 12:49 p.m., the gas company arrived on scene to fix the break and units cleared the area accordingly, an SMFD official noted

No property damage or injuries was reported.