BRENTWOOD—A fire broke out in a high rise building at 8:37 a.m. on the 11740 W. Wilshire Blvd. block between Brentwood and Sawtelle.

The 25-story, 240 unit residential building caught fire from a balcony on the sixth floor. The fire was being battled by 335 Los Angeles Fire Department personnel, including 4 LAFD rescue capable helicopters. While the LAFD were tending to a nearby fire a few blocks away, officials witnessed smoke and flames from the 6th floor of the building and acted fast.

During a media briefing held at 10 a.m., LAFD Deputy Chief Commander Armando Hogan mentioned the fire was combated via a transitional attack which helped knock down the fire at 9:56 a.m. Fire officials are now going through the rest of the building to ensure there are no hot spots and to assist those in their apartments with information or other assistance needed.

Commander Hogan informed the media that eight people were treated from injuries sustained during the fire, including one individual who is said to be in critical condition, as well as a 3 month old, whose status is unknown. The remaining six individuals affected are believed to have had exposure to smoke inhalation.

While initial reports stated that some people jumped from the building to avoid the flames, Commander Hogan confirmed that no one jumped, but did contemplate jumping until LAFD arrived and advised them not to as they were in the process of rescuing them. Other residents of the high rise are said to have gone to the 25th floor and waited to be rescued from officials from the LAFD.

Commander Hogan mentioned the high rise did not have a sprinkler system go off. Floors 5 through 8 have been impacted due to the fire.

The American Red Cross established an evacuation center for any resident displaced due to the fire. The address to the evacuation center is being held at the Westwood Recreation Center located at 1350 South Sepulveda Blvd. The fire is being deemed suspicious, but LAFD officials are unable to share details regarding the case.

In an updated media briefing held at 1 p.m., the LAFD announced the number of people treated after the fire went up from 8 to 11. Two 30 year-old males were seriously injured , with one being in grave condition after LAFD attempted chest compressions and CPR. The other male is in critical condition. Four others who were transported to nearby hospitals included a 26 year old female, a 25 year old male, a 20 year old female, and the 3 month old female due to smoke inhalation. The remaining victims were evaluated, but did require treatment at a local hospital.

The building has 240 units and 339 residents. The LAFD reported this is the same building that caught on fire about six years ago in 2013.

Written By Brenda De La Cruz and Anita Brown