HOLLYWOOD HILLS—On Monday, July 29, the Los Angeles Fire Department rescued two adult female hikers who were lost near the Hollywood sign.

LAFD received a call at 3:21 p.m., after the call started the hiker’s cell phone stopped working, and the 911 operator was not able to gather any additional information to find the lost hikers.

After an extensive search by both air and ground, LAFD Air Ops located the lost hikers. Due to power lines, a hoist operation to transport the hikers to a more accessible area for further assistance by ground crews was not possible.

The two female hikers, in their early 20s, were finally able to be rescued by the firefighters who moved into place to execute a two-line rope system from above to lower rescuers down to the hikers and bring them to safety.

According to LAFD, the hikers did not sustain any serious injuries.