HOLLYWOOD—Well, she’s back! Mishael Morgan has returned to “The Young and the Restless,” but not as Hilary Curtis, but as Amanda Sinclair, an attorney who is contesting Katherine Cooper’s will. Yes, this is a storyline that appeared out of nowhere, and the surprises are firing left and right. First, Devon was aghast when he first laid eyes on Amanda who is a splitting image of Hilary, are there small differences? Yes, but anyone who is anyone in Genoa City, knows this woman could easily pass for Hilary’s twin.

That is the big question everyone wants answered. Is Amanda Hilary’s long-lost twin sister that no one knew about? That is the only explanation that I can think of that makes sense. Anyway, Amanda is working under the thumb of a secret associate who has yet to be identified. There has been plenty of talk that her co-conspirator challenging Katherine’s will is Chance, who the audience still has not seen, even though he has been rumored as aligning with Adam Newman in Las Vegas. That name has constantly come up, so that has to mean SOMETHING America.

I will say there are not too many differences between Hilary and Amanda, except their hairstyles. Amanda is just as spicy and fiery as Hilary was so that should scream wonders people. Documentation of Katherine’s ‘new will’ was revealed that left Devon, Jill and Cane stunned. Why? Apparently, Katherine’s new will notes that Cane was to inherit over $400 million of Katherine’s $2 billion estate. Ok, I must say that was a twist I did not see coming, and precisely how does Cane tie into this chaos because he was stunned with the news.

We don’t have the authentic documents, Tucker has been MIA for reasons unknown, not to mention the fact that Cane is NOT a blood relative of Katherine’s. I mean if anything she would leave those funds to Tucker or Devon who is her actual grandson. This tale does indeed have my interest, and I’m eager to see where things are headed.

On the other front, the other big tale is what any fan of a soap opera or “The Young and the Restless” knows: until you see the body, no one is truly dead. That whole ruse of Victor Newman being dead, I was laughing in my soul. I knew it was a ruse to draw out Adam to confess to tampering with his father’s meds. What I’m stunned to discover is that not only has Victor allowed Adam to get away yet again, but no one has asked Phyllis about her role in the med switch. I mean she did know, she helped Adam in his scheme, so she should face the music also people.

So many people were in on the ruse, yet so many people were left in the dark. Summer of course lashed out as the brat she is, as did Phyllis not knowing she should keep her damn mouth shut if she knows what is good for her. Chelsea was livid that Nick kept the ruse from her, and that it was torturous to let Adam think Victor was dead. Chelsea, do you not realize what Adam pulled could have killed Victor? Stop showing this guy any ounce of remorse.

He doesn’t deserve it, yes he has a kid with you, but Connor in all honesty will be better off without Adam in his life. Chelsea is livid at Nick, Victor and company are going through the emotions of the truth about his demise coming to light, and Adam has returned to the place where he was hiding out: Las Vegas. I mean watching Victor and Adam share a few tears was fun, but I really wanted to see them go to war. I mean Adam has shown time and time again, he is not capable of change.

The good news is the fact that charges against Victoria for murdering her father were dropped. Perhaps a life sentence in prison is what he needs to be shaken to the core, but that is not likely to transpire “Y&R” fans!