HOLLYWOOD HILLS—A man who was killed in an officer-involved shooting in Hollywood Hills was identified as 20-year-old Santino Trevino by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office on Saturday, June 24. Trevino was fatally shot by police following a roommate dispute on Friday, June 23.

Officers arrived at the 7200 block of Hillside Avenue in Hollywood Hills West at about 11 p.m., in response to a report regarding an argument between two tenants. Trevino’s roommate, who called in the report, requested that officers accompany him to his fourth-floor apartment so he could retrieve his belongings.

When police arrived at the apartment, Trevino produced a handgun. Multiple officers opened fire on the suspect, according to Sergeant Frank Preciado of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). After the initial confrontation, Trevino went out onto the apartment’s balcony, where he was killed in a second officer-involved shooting. As many as eight to ten officers were involved, Preciado reported.

Several residents recorded the incident on their cellphones. According to witnesses, police could be heard ordering the suspect repeatedly to drop his weapon, followed by dozens of gunshots. Officials are investigating why Trevino armed himself. His weapon was recovered at the scene. There were no reports of any injuries to officers during the incident. The LAPD is investigating the incident.