UNITED STATES—It is important for both developers and gamblers how the machine looks, what’s used as a theme inspiration, how is it designed and what symbols and features have to offer. It might seem like it is an easy job to take a movie and simply use its characters and plot for signs and additions. But in fact, it is much harder than it looks because the developers must meet expectations from the particular movie fans and also the movie itself.

Top Movie-Themed Slot Machines

  1. Batman

First on our list is the machine developed by NextGen Gaming software development company. They already had a great reputation before launching the Batman slot, so expectations were high, but they nailed it.

The wild icon in the game is represented as a Batman while the scatter is his logo. Some of the other symbols are a Batmobile, Joker card, Batcycle, reflector, and James Gordon. Since the game is made for all the Batman movie fans, placing him as a wild card was a great move because everyone loves to see the wild card.

The graphics are well done, as the Gotham City is in the background and the movie’s theme song is constantly rolling in the background. The game has many features, but the Bonus Bet feature is indeed something special. It allows gamblers to bet x60 more coins, which is a small risk compared to the awards which can be won when the Batman bonus sign appears five times on any out of 50 fixed win lines.

  1. Austin Powers

The second one is a slot machine developed by Endemol Games Company. Even though Endemol is not in the top of the industry, they took the risk of developing a machine that was inspired by the “Austin Powers” trilogy which was directed by Jay Roach.

Three movies were released in 1997, 1999 and 2002. The first movie became so popular that in only two years the second one came out. When taking a risk like people from Endemol Games did, the final product can either become a hero or a zero. The Austin Powers slot machine became a hero as it is still one of their most played machines.

Famous actors from the movie series such as Mike Myers, Michael York, and Verne Troyer were placed as symbols. Obviously, the most valuable one had to be Mini-Me. The machine has a generous RTP of 95.53% and includes bonus games, wilds, AutoPlay, multipliers, and free spins. The fans reacted very well, and if you want to try out all of the features, it is the best to visit your favorite online casino and test the game in a free version.

  1. Terminator 2

Since we wanted to cover different genres of movies, the third on our list is a Terminator 2 slot machine which was developed by one of the most successful companies in online gambling industry – Microgaming.

When “The Terminator” came out in 1984, everyone was fascinated, and the director James Cameron gained a fan base as well as the reputation, which he later approved by making a lot of great movies. There are five Terminator movies, and Microgaming took the best out of all five.

The symbols include Arnold Schwarzenegger’s and Sarah Connor’s pictures, as well as some of the most memorable scenes from the movies in one icon. It is a 243 way to win slot machine which means that there are no pay lines. That number goes up to 1024 ways when the free spins feature is activated.

Even though the first movie aired over 30 years ago, Microgaming developers made a futuristic, modern and great looking theme. Both wild and scatter signs are included, as well as the multipliers and the free spins feature. Even though the game was launched a few years ago, it is still very popular because no one managed to make a Terminator inspired machine like Microgaming did.

The Tarzan slot machine is definitely an honorable mention which was developed by Microgaming as well.

Should I Play Movie-Inspired Casino Games?

The answer is – definitely yes. The reason why everyone should at least try these kinds of machines is that the graphics and bonus features are usually outstanding. If you are a fan of the film then just go for it, and you might even learn something new about it!

Since almost all the machines include both free and real money version, there is nothing to lose. Some of them might have the welcome bonus feature, which gives you free cash after the registration and it is just one more reason to try it out.

On the other hand, if you do not like the machine, you can always go back to the good old fruit machine slots as they never disappoint. They are the old-school type of slots, and even though the concept remains the same, the developers always come up with new ideas on how to make that category even more entertaining such as the structure change, new features, and unique design.

Just like sometimes you prefer a book and not a movie and vice versa, the same can happen for a slot machine. The movie might not be that great in your opinion, but the http://www.thehollywoodnews.com/2017/03/27/famous-celebrity-gamblers/ can become one of your favorites.