GRIFFITH PARK/HOLLYWOOD HILLS—The Beachwood Canyon Trail that leads to the Hollywood Sign reopened on Monday, January 5, for the first time since March 2014.

The prolonged closure, which was initially projected to last only five weeks, allowed for a new electric gate to be installed. The new gate is intended to limit car traffic, which has evidently become a source of ongoing frustration for residents who live near the iconic Hollywood Sign.

The Los Angeles Times reports, “Homeowners at the top of Beachwood Drive have felt under siege for about five years since internet directions and mobile apps began steering thousands of people each weekend through their leafy neighborhoods for prime views of the Hollywood sign.”

“It’s annoying because they don’t respect the neighborhood,” Michael Lennet, a Hollywood Hills resident, told Canyon News. “I’m happy because it will make it a lot less noisy, but I’m afraid that it will limit residents of the area as well.”

According to the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, Councilman Tom LaBonge thanked them for their assistance in the completion of the walk through pedestrian gate.

“The new gate is designed to protect the community and park property during closed hours. Park Rangers and LAPD will continue to patrol the park so residence [sic] of Los Angeles and all visitors can come enjoy Griffith Park” LaBonge said.

The press release notes that the gate will be accessible during regular park hours every day starting Monday,  January 5.

The Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks would like to note that vehicle access is limited to those visiting the Sunset Ranch Horse Stables. Hikers to the Hollywood Sign are encouraged to park their vehicles at the Griffith Observatory.