LOS FELIZ—On Saturday, October 29 two suspects burglarized the home of an elderly couple. The crime was committed around 1:45 a.m. Authorities are searching for the suspects who allegedly made their way into the home through the couple’s doggy door.

A 73-year-old victim was awakened and dragged out of bed into her basement where two masked men attempted to force her to open a safe. However, the victim did not know its combination. After grabbing what they could find of value from the home, the burglars then left the scene of the crime without obtaining the contents of the basement safe.

The victim sustained several injuries including “a torn ligament, sprained joints, injuries to her ribs and a black eye,” reported CBS 2 Los Angeles. She also suffered bruised feet and tears to the skin on her arms from the struggle.

Authorities suspect the two men were familiar with the layout of the couple’s home, and may have been inside the residence before targeting the couple. Her husband suffers from health issues and recently suffered a leg injury, which necessitated hired assistance in the home.

The victims wish to remain anonymous. Authorities have not released any details pertaining to the suspects involved in the crime.