UNITED STATES—As we embark through the holidays and travelers go to and from, it has got me thinking just what home means. Some people find homes wherever they go, like nomads, they seem to find solace and friendships in various places. For some, home is where they can be themselves, where they feel protected, loved, cared for.

There is a saying that, “home is where the heart is,” which would translate as where ever you are, your home will always be the place that you hold dear in your heart. It makes sense because we wouldn’t necessarily find home in a place where we feel cold and sad. Home is a place that we can be our unabashed selves, which is also a place where we tend to revert back to our old self after a visit.

I am originally from Texas, born and raised there up until about 4, when we moved to the east coast-Woodbridge, Virginia to Miami, Florida and eventually back to Texas again, until college. I have fond memories of Texas, especially the balmy, summery nights where I could literally smell the morning dew wafting through my windows, the great planes filled with greenery as far as the eye could see, and barbeques. Texas is where I got my first car and first apartment. It is also a place where I’ve shared many friendships and reminisce about college.

Sometimes getting away from home also allows you to grow as well. There isn’t just one sense of home, for many people, home can be many places-even places you’ve never been before. Getting away also allows you to see who you really are.

I’ve found a little bit of home in my travels to New York, Chicago, Maryland, California and many other places and I loved every minute of it. Although Texas will always be in my heart, it is also a place where I can go back to my roots. I’ve outgrown it in a sense, but it’s home. I will always love it, however, I have found new fond memories and freedom in other places as well.

Maybe you don’t travel much, perhaps you hate where you live or maybe you’ve found the place that you want to be for the rest of your life. Whatever your lot in life is, I encourage you to click your heels, like Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz.”

Wherever you are, home is in your heart, even if it is far off lands or right where you are. Home may be New Zealand or Serengeti, never stop dreaming and know that there’s no place like home.