HOLLYWOOD—The new animated film “Home” chronicles the tale of a alien and a young girl who have a chance encounter in the midst of having Earth inhabited with creatures from another world. The story revolves around Tip (voice of Rihanna) who stumbles across Oh (voice of Jim Parsons), a member of the alien race Boov (who has been banished).

The leader of the Boov race Captain Smerk (voice of Steve Martin) has selected Earth as a new home for the alien race to protect them from an enemy. It becomes a battle royale where the aliens have decided to relocate the humans to a Desert Planet, which doesn’t bold well for everyone.

The narrative follows Tip who manages to avoid being captured, and stumbles into Oh, who is quite hilarious to say the least. The two strangers learn quite a bit about each other as they team up to save the day. “Home” does what plenty of animated flicks have done in the past: showcase that no matter how different people may appear, that does not halt the similarities that may exist between them. 

Rihanna, Jim Parsons, Steve Martin and Jennifer Lopez all bring their characters to life in a way that is enchanting for the little ones, but also for the adults who are able to identify with each of them in their own unique way. The slight problem many might find with “Home” is that there isn’t anything unfamiliar to the spectator; it’s an animated flick that has been seen time and time again, with different characters and a different setting.

The movie utilizes its visual effects to transport the audience into a world that only movie magic can produce. We do have fun characters thanks to the likes of comedic geniuses Steve Martin and Jim Parsons. Rihanna who is slowly making a transition into the movie world, brings charm to Tip that is lovable and it doesn’t hurt to have that tinge of an accent in the character; I must say it’s something you don’t see often in animated movies. Lopez also brings her singing talents to the movie as well.

While “Home” is no “Frozen,” it is indeed a flick that kiddies of all ages will adore for its life lesson of never judging a book by its cover; in other words there is far more to a person, or in this case an alien than meets the eye.