BRENTWOOD—Temporary Bridge Housing will be offered starting in early 2019 at the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Campus. The housing will provide temporary residence for veterans who are waiting to find permanent housing.

In Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s annual State of the City address, he announced his “A Bridge Home” initiative to solve the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles neighborhoods. On October 5, the Brentwood Community Council approved the bridge housing for homeless vets at the VA in Brentwood.

At the West Los Angeles VA Campus, two 4 feet by 120 inch tension membrane structures and modular trailers will have 100 beds and be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for homeless veterans.

Two weeks ago, the California Inspector General reported that the VA in Brentwood was not providing housing to veterans who needed it most, and instead offering housing to some non-veterans.

Groups like the Brentwood Community Council and local community members are working alongside the City and County of Los Angeles to help house homeless veterans at the VA Campus. In an interview with Canyon News, Michelle Bisnoff, Chairperson of Brentwood Community Council, said that “We are hoping for a memorandum of understanding between the two entities that would essentially say the day that the facilities open, that the outreach team will go to the border of the VA and they will reach out to veterans who are camped outside and give them preference to come in.”

The $5 million installation of temporary housing will address the needs of vets who need it most. It will bring vets who are living on the streets to a safe, secure, clean place that they are legally entitled to. Along with beds, storage, personal hygiene and laundry facilities, supportive and community engagement services, and 24-hour security will be provided.

Funding provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs will allow bridge housing to provide onsite social wrap-around services, case management and social workers to help find and prepare the transition into long-term housing for residents. Bridge housing is aiming to have residents moved swiftly into permanent housing in 90 days or less.