UNITED STATES—Fame for some odd reason; there are a lot of people in America who are thirsty to have the cameras, the magazines, the radio talking about them. Have they not learned their lesson from the countless celebrities who have depicted horror stories about being in the spotlight?

So why does it appear week after week, another celebrity is attempting to one-up another. Last week the huge cooler room conversation was about reality starlet Kim Kardashian who chose to display her nude body for the entire world to see. I mean really? First the world gets to see her backside, than a few days later she decides to reveal her front-side.

Was this done in the name of fashion? Yeah, I don’t think so.  Just a few days following this media glitz, late night talk show host and comedienne Chelsea Handler decided to showcase her bare-side via the social media sphere. So is this a tale of two actresses fighting for attention or a tale stirring a bit of controversy in the media to keep something of ‘quality’ to be discussed.

This brings the newly aged tale of just the level of notoriety that can be obtained through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  I think Twitter might be the new reigning champ. Why do you ask? Well the selfie has become the newest craze in America? We’ve had this discussion in the past, and we’ll likely continue to have this discussion.

What does a person gain from plastering a photo of themselves for all in the world to view? Well it says look at me, I want you to see me; I want you to pay attention to me? Ok, about 2-3 people will say, “Well, not really,” but we all know the truth. You don’t post something to the public sphere if you didn’t want the masses to consume it.

How do I know this? What person posts a naked or semi-naked picture of themselves to the public, a fame seeker? Is this to say celebrities do this intentionally? Likely! Remember it’s better to be talked about than to not be talked about at all, good or bad. For a celebrity who isn’t at the forefront of many conversations in the entertainment world daily, a risqué photo or a polarizing image can get the rumor machine turning and before you know it, everyone in the world will be adding their two cents to the conversation.

Yes, I know, everyone has an opinion, the unfortunate problem with that is the media suspects everyone wants to hear it. Guess what, we don’t. You don’t have to publicly broadcast what everyone is thinking all the time, even if you’re literally begging them to do so. This just allows nasty comments and tidbits to be aired to the public. Look we already have enough negativity in our lives, we don’t need anymore.

Fame, can be a great thing, I guess if its something that you live your life yearning for; but now that I think about it, who really wants to be the talk of the town all the time? I can’t name a single celebrity who actually craves that attention. Hmm, perhaps there are a few that do want it that bad, but how can you live your life with all circles examining everything.