UNITED STATES—How easy it is for some people to tell a lie? I honestly am baffled at times the tales some people come up with in a ploy to cover their tracks. To some degree I really don’t believe the notion of telling a ‘good lie.’ A lie is a lie, no matter how many various ways you attempt to shape it.

Some of you might be wondering where this concoction came from, let’s just say someone who thinks they’re good at telling lies created a web so big, he got so entangled in it, by the time he realized it, it was way too late. To be honest I hate liars, because in my opinion if you tell a lie, there’s no telling to what degree, what you wouldn’t do to keep that lie festering. Of course, one lie eventually leads to another lie, and then another and before that, utter chaos explodes.

Let’s just say my brother had no idea that the rest of his siblings would get together and compare notes and discover his ruse. The frightening thing about his lie; he refuses to even acknowledge that he lied, even though it’s as obvious as night and day. My brother just seems to think I’m an idiot, and I’m the one who graduated from college.

What frustrates me the most is that he never seems to learn from his mistakes. I mean who fabricates about having a job, and continues the ruse of making people think he has a job just so they can get off his back? I’ll tell you, someone who needs to mentally have himself evaluated. I got so fed up with lie after lie that I called him out on his BS. All he attempted to do is shut me down and not address the issue.

At that point, he was caught in the lie and knew it; man up and admit to it. I respect someone more for acknowledging their faults compared to someone who isn’t willing to admit that he or she had done wrong and they needed help. When you tell lies all the time, you can’t expect someone to believe the truth when you decide to tell it. A lie to me is like a slap in the face; how many times are you going to allow someone to slap you around before you decide to slap them back? Precisely, you get fed up at some point and you react.

I’m starting to realize that my brother is a liar at his core, and at this point anything he says I take with a grain of salt. Of course, I’ll make him think I believe what he is selling, but I’m well aware what he says could be nothing more than a fantastical tale he weaved to get attention. At its core my brother might be a narcissist. He likes for everyone to point and say look at me, but does lying have to be the way to make that happen?

At this point he has burned so many bridges, that I think he has realized that he has to come clean. All the people that he used to be able to depend on are fed up with the horde of lies, and each week things seem to get progressively worse. As a kid you learn that telling a lie is a bad thing. Why is it that adults fail to realize that same notion applies now?