HOLLYWOOD—On last week’s episode of “Hung,” we saw a different side of things when it came to Ray. Ray (Thomas Jane) irritated Lenore (Rebecca Creskoff) and risked losing a client by giving Claire (Kathryn Hahn) marriage advice. Ray was determined not to put himself between Claire and her husband, who is begging his pregnant wife to come back to him. Lenore told Ray, “You are a whore, not her priest or her counselor.” Tanya (Jane Adams) tried to prove she can land a big fish for Ray after being humiliated by Lenore during a meeting with a 60-year-old widow. Tanya did, however, end up with a very late or early Christmas gift of a designer sweater from the client.

Ray is starting to use his earnings as a sex-trade worker to help pay for transportation for his high school baseball team. Can’t say his heart isn’t in the right place, but we can say fellow coach and teacher Mike (Gregg Henry) is becoming very suspicious of where Ray’s money is coming from. Jessica (Anne Heche) embarrassed her daughter Darby (Sianoa Smit-McPhee) after crashing an eat-in protest outside a fitness gym. Using all the wrong phrases, she sounded like a skinny woman telling her heavy daughter and fellow fat friends that they were beautiful.

By the end of the episode, Ray finally accepted a gift from his neighbor’s wife Yael (Alanna Ubach). Will this lead to trouble? It was a mattress after all!

On the next episode Ray finds himself in really deep trouble. Being criticized by his own two kids may be what Ray needs to finally see the light. Then again, with such dysfunctional thinking and lusting after his ex-wife, Ray’s troubles are probably just beginning.
“Hung” airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. on HBO.


Photographs Courtesy: HBO/ Lacey Terrell