HOLLYWOOD─I seriously believe it has been over a year, since we last talked about Tyler Perry’s hit series “If Loving You is Wrong.” This show is such a guilty pleasure for me because the narrative is so enthralling, the dialogue, not so much, but I can let that go because of story development. When we last left off, audiences were dropped a bomb about Alex.

She seems to be someone, who I never expected which was a curveball for me. I suspected the character had some sort of split with her personality and has a daytime version everyone knows, and a nighttime version that no one knows. The premiere episode, ‘An Old Skeleton’ picked up with that tense confrontation between Alex and Ian where he speculated that he could be the father of Alex’s baby since it was revealed that Randal was not.

Ian continued to speculate that Alex’s baby might be his, but it’s apparent she does recall Ian because she noted they did indeed sleep together, but only once. Man this tension is driving me nuts, please get to the core of what the hell Alex has been doing that the audience has no idea about. Lushion and Natalie spotted someone creeping around Kelly’s house, and the cop decided to do some investigating, and we came face-to-face with Justus’ father, Terrell.

Now why in the world would Terrell’s mother think it was wise to allow her son to have the keys to Kelly’s property and not even explain it? Natalie confirmed some details that Kelly confided in her about. Lushion refused to allow Kelly’s baby daddy the opportunity to sleep at her house without permission. So again what is going on with Alex? She acknowledged that she did not want to be a wife or to have kids. It is now clear that Alex was busy sleeping around for months.

It looks like Alex has finally lost it and is spiraling in ways that not even I (as a fan of the show can imagine). With the alcohol in play, Alex and Ian got frisky, just as things got interesting with Eddie and Larry. Yeah, it looks like Eddie is scared at whatever Intel Larry has that could blow up in his face. Eddie has finally met his match and I’m all for it, after all the crap he’s pulled in the past. Rick was trying to get some information from Patricia, a nurse who helped Kelly, who has information, but refuses to divulge any information. Looks like this church is damn powerful! What? All Rick had to do was offer to take her on a date and she plans to divulge all?

Kelly received a visit from another person from Travis’ powerful church, this time the delivery of a bible with some vital information to help her case against Travis. Looks like Kelly got pics of other women being tormented by Travis, just as Tonya and Bennett worried about Randal. So it’s apparent that Bennett has a history of going berserk when he feels his wife’s mental state is threatened. Looks like Steven and Esperanza are still going strong, ok, I’m over with the lovey dovey crap.

Now, we’re getting back to the good stuff. Randal was scoping Marcie at her new place, under the guise that she was responsible for trashing his home. Little does Randal know it was Bennett not Marcie or Brad, it looks like Randal has really lost it. Thankfully, Brad arrived home as her protector, as news was delivered that Brad is officially divorced. He received a call from Chelsea, his kids’ babysitter noting that Alex has not been answering her phone.

So Brad headed over to his former home, opening the door for Randal to confront Marcie. Oh man, the fact that this is the final season means anything is possible. Alex and Ian, Randal and Marcie, Eddie vs. Steven, let the battles begin. All hell is about to break loose, I though “The Haves and the Have Nots” had my attention, but it’s apparent “If Loving You is Wrong” is pulling out all the stops. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ lovebirds!