HOLLYWOOD—I felt I was dealing with withdrawals last week because there was no new episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.” Well thankfully, it was just one week, because Tuesday the drama returned with the episode ‘A Room For You’ that dropped one hell of a bomb on the viewers.

A few weeks ago I predicted Marcie might be pregnant, and audiences got a definitive answer at the end of the episode. Kelly gave Lushion a call asking him to check on Marcie. The dialogue lately has been driving me crazy, like seriously crazy, it feels like Mr. Perry is dragging the narrative. Come on already, pick up the pace, pick up the pace! Lushion came to the rescue yet again, as Kelly harped on how LONG this night has been. Yes, it has been a night that has lasted for nearly 9-10 episodes!

Ben was seen making a call to Eddie to alert him that Miss Louise is awake, but she has FBI detail so his plan to chat with her has gone up in smoke. Hmm, Ben dropped a clue Eddie that it’s possible Lushion can be an undercover FBI agent. Eddie went right to Stephen with the information to alert him that something about Lou isn’t adding up. And the first surprise of the night goes to the revelation that Lushion and Stephen are cohorts! Yeah, that was a stunner as I did not expect that.

Brad was released from police custody and seemed concerned when he learned that Alex’s parents were responsible for the attack on Miss Louise and Randal. Natalie got a bit of hope from the doctor that Joey might pull through, and she finally got the opportunity to see Joey, begging her son to fight to survive. On the side of the road, Alex lost her patience as Andrew refused to move along with her quest to get to her parent’s home before it’s too late.

Alex contacted Esperanza to alert her that she is with Andrew and waiting for backup. Yet, again another scene that is dragging far longer than needed people! Esperanza confronted Stephen about Alex and Andrew’s predicament. When Brad got the news from Esperanza, it was clear that he knows how wicked her parents truly are. Kelly made a quick run to her house to gather some food, but found herself spooked when she came face-to-face with Travis who was hiding in her son’s bedroom. He has freaked out Kelly in more ways than I can imagine, as she begged him to leave her home, as he confessed his love for her. That is smart Kelly, get your hands on that bat, and knock the hell out of him. Travis pressed for a hug, with his temper only creeping Kelly out more. Kelly CALL THE COPS and stop messing around with this psychopath! This guy has seriously lost it, like lost it.

When he confessed to Kelly that he is willing to kill before she gets attached to another man, it was clear Kelly was rattled, like it was clear she knew danger was near. Hmm, why do I suspect that cliffhanger from last season involved Travis doing something to Ramsey. Marcie received a bombshell when the doctor alerted her that she was pregnant (called it people)! The news rocked Marcie’s world.

So wait, the big tease was the reveal that Marcie was pregnant! Sorry, Mr. Perry that was not the stunning moment we were promised in previous promos. We have 1 episode left before the mid-season finale; let’s hope the penultimate episode delivers on the shocks. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!