HOLLYWOOD—Just when Alex suspected her life was getting better, her torrid love affair with Randal prevented her husband Brad from forgiving her on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong.” This week’s episode “Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes” gave the audience a bit of a backstory behind Randal’s obsession with the opposite sex, especially those with blonde hair and blue eyes, hence his previous love lost. Kelly being the neutral friend that she is, continued to worry about Alex’s wellbeing as the paternity about her child came to light.

Miss Louise dug into the issues between her son and Marcie, but little did she know she was only giving Marcie all the ammunition she needed to blurt out the truth about Randal’s cheating ways. The old lady took so many jabs at her daughter-in-law with such vileness. Marcie was stunned to learn that Randal’s past flame, Allie may have been the kicker to his affair with Alex. It was such a treat to see Marcie get a kick out of pushing Miss Louise’s buttons.

Can you believe Randal’s mother was petrified that Marcie might physically harm her? Eddie came back to work and delivered a hell of a performance acting aloof to the fact that Ben had his hand blown off. It was evident that Eddie was looking to corrupt more rookie cops to the dark-side. Steven and Lushion were not impressed to see Eddie back at the station. Eddie’s attempt to make it appear that he bonded with his new partner, didn’t bode well with Lushion who decided to dig deeper into what happened with Ben’s shooting.

From her window, Marcie spotted Brad sitting in the yard near Randal’s shed. The two neighbors bonded over the betrayal they suffered at the hands of their lovers. Last season I had the feeling those two would hook up, but I now have the feeling that this season temptation will be difficult to resist. It became apparent that Brad thought about that hot and heavy moment he shared with Randal’s wife.

Things took an interesting turn as it appeared that Marcie and Brad were about to get a bit of revenge on Randal in a way that he never expected, as the shed which became the place where Alex and Randal first hooked up, became the place where Marcie and Brad would get revenge. Tune in next Tuesday when Randal gets a taste of his own medicine, “If Loving You Is Wrong” love-birds!