HOLLYWOOD—Last week things ended on a climatic note with Pete being confronted in his hospital room by the Devil himself, Eddie. Well, the ramifications of that visit were explored in this week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.” This week’s episode, ‘Keeping Watch’ witnessed Eddie continue to make enemies with people who he has very little interaction with.

I mean Marcie is like a delicate butterfly unless you piss her off. For Eddie to make her mad enough to slap him should be a telling sign. My gut tells me we’re FINALLY about to lose a main character or two on this series and all fingers are pointed towards Edward. I mean this guy tortured a man who was on his death bed.

Pete struggled to remain strong in the midst of Eddie’s questioning about that videotape of him shooting off Ben’s hand. Man watching this scene was torturous for a viewer, especially for those of us dying to see Eddie get what is coming his way. This guy caused Pete to bleed from the chest, right before Eddie administered a drug into Pete’s IV, with Ben playing the role of distractor as Eddie snuck out the room. Dammit!

Andrew alerted Steven that he located Alex’s vehicle, but her whereabouts were still up in the air. He made a phone call to Lushion, who preferred to ignore the call, as Natalie pressured him to answer the call. Lushion took the call and Andrew alerted his colleague he was worried about his safety. Our undercover FBI agent made a call to Esperanza to get details on the kidnapping of Alex’s baby, and he started to put pieces to the puzzle together. Hmm, even Esperanza is aware that something is off at the police station and her ex-husband is at the core of the madness. Ben was seen getting high from medicine that was being given to Miss Louise, but Eddie caught him in the act.

Man this guy is pissing me off, he’s slapping Miss Louise while she remained unconscious, but tactics from both dirty cops were halted when Marcie witnessed the disturbing behavior and delivered a harsh truth to the cop who thinks he’s untouchable. Loved watching se Marcie deliver not one, but two slaps to his face. Eddie’s accusations where laughable, and Marcie proved she is not one to be tested. Louise awoke after Eddie left and she delivered crucial information: Alex’s parents kidnapped Randal! She has been faking being sleep. Louise spilled all the details, revealing Ben was getting high off her IV and Eddie slapped her.

So now that the big reveal is out, it’s up to Marcie to ensure the right information is delivered to the trustworthy sources to nail Alex’s parents, find Randal and take out Eddie and Ben. Eddie was not happy that Lushion was following his every move. Yes, things are finally happening people: Marcie divulged to Lushion issues regarding Eddie, the police station and his dirty tactics and the two had a deep conversation about who can be trusted and who can’t. Lushion is being pulled from multiple sources on this crazy night; between Ben, Eddie, Miss Louise, Pete, Natalie and Joey, our FBI agent is going to be burnt out.

When Ben found himself being questioned, the lies spewed from his mouth a mile away. Lushion was so pissed he delivered a few slaps to Ben’s face, noting that he was aware Ben was getting high. More slaps were delivered to Ben’s face where he confessed Eddie was there to visit Miss Louise. This scene was so tense and just great TV. I’m LOVING this episode people! Lushion had a conversation with Miss Louise in an attempt to get her to reveal what she knows about Randal’s disappearance and she opened her eyes to reveal she is well aware of what is transpiring.

Alex found herself in the crosshairs of Officer Andrew who was driving up the road. She begged Andrew to drive her to her parent’s home because her son is in danger. Alex was frantic, and per usual Andrew was focused on doing the noble thing. Nobility is great, but sometimes Andrew you have to go with your instinct and do what you least expect to get to the truth.

Lushion was livid with the FBI agent who left Pete unattended resulting in major backlash, as the search for Eddie was in full-effect. The final moments of the episode saw Kelly receiving a call from Marcie who updated her on the situation with Miss Louise. Yep, just what I suspected, Marcie is pregnant and she collapsed as she tried to get into her car. Rusty and his redneck pals were seen pulling Randal from the wooden grave and dragging his body in the woods.

With only 3 episodes left I’m eagerly anticipating what other bombshells will be revealed, who will live, who will die and who will be exposed? There will be no new episode of “If Loving You is Wrong” next week, so the drama returns on ‘Temptation Tuesday’ November 15 love-birds!