HOLLYWOOD—After weeks of waiting, the news that fans of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong” have been eagerly waiting for were finally revealed. Yes, that infamous tape that Pete obtained of Eddie shooting Ben in the hand made waves when Lushion learned about it in the latest episode ‘The Brown Paper Bag.’

Lushion rushed back to Natalie’s place to look for that evidence Pete left for him, but Joey deflected as he did his best to keep Lushion from discovering that Faun was in the house. Surprise, surprise, Lushion was so worried about finding that disc he wasn’t aware what Joey was up to. Thankfully, Natalie was on her way to help find the whereabouts of that infamous disc. Lushion went crazy tearing through the kitchen, and so did Natalie to no success.

Natalie took the initiative to search for the disc in the kid’s bedroom and spotted Faun hiding in the bed. Where the hell did that brown paper bag disappear to? He wouldn’t reveal to his girlfriend what was on the disc, but made it abundantly clear it was quite serious to say the least.

Julius paid Randal a visit to get information about Tilda who Randal apparently knows. Randal avoided Julius’ questions, which did not make the drug lord too happy. Julius got the confirmation that he does indeed have a sister. Faun realized that Joey isn’t ready for a commitment, which left her stunned to say the least, but Joey was caught off guard when Quan confronted him.

The two former pals chatted, and it became apparent that Quan is out for blood, and Joey was none too impressed with the idle threats being made. At the hospital, Julius paid a visit to his father, but was interrupted by the family attorney, Sammy, who was making revisions to his father’s will. Julius became livid when he discovered that his father planned to leave his fortune to Tilda. Let’s just say if Julius had hatred for his father and his mistress before, things are about to reach a fever pitch. Tilda and Julius got into another heated argument and I feel a death coming soon people.

Back at Alex’s house, Esperanza and Kelly got a glimpse of the newborn, and the ladies recounted milestone moments in their children’s lives. Talk turned to Kelly’s infatuation with Ramsey and their love lives. The ladies worried when it became apparent that Alex might do something irrational to protect Randal from taking her son from her. Hmm, looks like murder is not off the table.

Looks like Marcie and Brad are still getting acquainted to their living arrangements. Brad wants more, but Marcie is doing her best to resist temptation. Marcie encouraged Brad to go after Alex, and she revealed that he can still save his marriage. I can’t believe Brad is discussing his sex life with Marcie and she was so open to listen to all the juicy details. Wow, the chemistry between these two is crazy!

Tina was seen tidying up things inside Pete’s room, just as Ben sat outside the hospital room. Ben received a call from Edward who wanted updates on the situation involving Pete. Eddie was a bit surprised to find Andrew working at the hospital, and he offered a rookie a way inside his dirty organization. Looks like Eddie was suspicious of Andrew, just as Andrew was hoping to get Eddie to divulge some details on how he earns extra cash.

Oh, goody, Julius and Edward came face-to-face in the elevator. The two enemies traded spars, and it became apparent that Julius wanted to warn Eddie that as soon as his father dies, time is up. Julius alluded to his possible involvement in his shooting and he even divulged that Quan was responsible for Edward’s shooting. Hmm, the twisted web gets even more tangled people.

Julius entered his father’s hospital room and started to suffocate his father with a pillow. Damn, I didn’t seriously think he’d kill his own father! Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “If Loving Your is Wrong” love birds!