HOLLYWOOD—Last week the premiere of “If Loving You Is Wrong” didn’t hold back on picking up precisely where the first half of season two ended, with the Alex baby bombshell coming to a head. This week’s episode, ‘The Last Word’ saw the return of characters that we haven’t seen in a while.

Miss Louise continued to scold Randal for his scandalous behavior. Randal was none too pleased to hear his mother share the sordid tale about his father cheating on her. Randal planned to do all in his power to make his wife ‘suffer’ even more than he has already made her suffer. Hmm, he didn’t like hearing his mother throw her power behind her daughter-in-law instead of her flesh and blood.

Back at the police station, Esperanza did her best to relieve Claudia who was still reeling about Pete’s shooting. The two ladies bonded as Esperanza shared her tale of Edward’s recent shooting. When Esperanza learned that Edward might be once again involved in dirty dealings it unnerved her. Faun did her best to convince her father that Natalie was not responsible for her relationship with Joey.

Daughter and father fought about her recent relationship, and he was headstrong on not budging. Wow, to hear Faun call out her father on a possible lawsuit for unlawful termination started to get the wheels churning. Can you believe it, Faun just saved Natalie’s job, just as Joey sat waiting in the back of the car seat. From a distance Quan watched the lovebirds as he plotted his move to steal funds.

Kelly stopped by the police station and learned that Lushion was not around. She and Esperanza did a bit of gossip revolving the status of Lushion and Natalie. Brad continued his frantic search to find Alex who seemed to vanish into thin air, but alas the audience got a glimpse of the new mother who was seen hiding in the back of Kelly’s home. Her father Rusty came out to the porch for a smoke and I was almost certain he would hear the baby crying.

Lushion had plenty of questions regarding Pete’s shooting which raised questions about the trend of rookies being killed in the line of duty. It became apparent that the department is looking to cover its track, and it sounded like Steven was making threats. He better be careful, otherwise bad things could happen. Lushion had no trouble firing multiple shots into Eddie’s chest and he’d be damn sure to do it again.

It became apparent that Lushion knew something about Ben’s tale was not adding up. When he was placed in the hot seat, it was evident that he was caught in a major lie. That prompted Eddie to intervene because he knew the jig was up. “Don’t foget your vest.” Classic line and threat delivered from Lushion to his devious partner, Edward. As much as I thought that incident would instill the fear in Eddie, it seemed to only make him worse.

Joey and Faun stopped by Natalie’s place to inform her that she got her job back. Her sour mood quickly turned upside down when she realized that she was no longer unemployed. Randal paid a visit to Julius’ father who is deathly ill in the hospital. Uh-oh, Randal might be getting involved with the wrong people, first Alex, now drug lords. Randal and Julius going toe-to-toe that has disaster written all over it. Speaking of Julius who decided to pay Esperanza a visit at her workplace, but she was none too thrilled to see him.

He dropped a few truth-bombs, and she questioned his involvement in Edward’s shooting. Looks like his obsession with Esperanza could turn into another war with Eddie. He called out Esperanza on her involvement with Eddie’s dirty dealings. It left her in tears; yeah, the truth hurts Esperanza. You should warn Eddie, not only is Julius after him, but so is Lushion.

Miss Louise and Marcie chatted a bit about Alex’s father Rusty, who happens to be a racist. This left the overbearing mother a bit edgy. The chaos in the Holmes’ home intensified when Randal realized that Marcie was planning to move out of the house. Applause. Marcie no longer gave Randal the reaction he expected. What a tool, Randal seriously has no dignity.

The final moments of the episode saw Randal creating a scene in the neighborhood as Rusty overheard the big revelation, which left papa bear none too happy. Oh, goody, I can’t wait till next Tuesday because it looks like things are about to hit a feverish pitch. Until next week “If Loving You Is Wrong” lovers!