HOLLYWOOD—Can you believe that Alex is still in denial about her affair with her neighbor Randal? Yep, she is. This week’s episode ‘The Painter’ on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong” utilized flashbacks to chronicle the events that led up to the Randal and Alex’s affair.

At the police station Lushion was irritated by the fact that his partner Eddie is still getting away with being a dirty cop, just as Eddie did his best to push his buttons by taunting his colleague on the phone. Seems like this police department has more corruption in it than a person can count on one finger. These two foes, who may have become friends in the midst of a shooting, are back at odds and someone will go down in flames before the season ends.

If fans thought the episode would focus on other drama, Tuesday’s episode was a disappointment, as it was more of a backstory about how Randal and Alex came to be. A dream sequence revealed the tale of how Brad, Marcie, Alex and Randal met one another.

It became apparent that Randal has always wanted kids, not to mention that both Brad and Marcie have always worked a lot. Hate to say it; this episode chronicled the highs and lows of the relationship of both couples, which ultimately led to Alex cheating on her hubby. When she spotted Randal and Marcie getting hot and heavy, it seemed to peak Alex’s interest.

The two soon developed a friendship that later ignited sparks between them. It became apparent Randal was persistent in keeping the curtains open to allow Alex to see what he and his wife were doing. As Brad and Alex welcome kids into the world, it was apparent that Randal couldn’t let go of his attraction to Alex. So it was obvious he was chasing after her, but she didn’t do much to resist his advances.

When Randal confessed his attraction to Alex, she was ambivalent, but also interested. I found the episode to be slightly boring, as I don’t think it divulged any new information to the audience that really changed the narrative of the series second season. However, it does appear that Brad and Marcie were pushing their lovers closer together even though they had no clue what they were doing. They say love is blind, and for Brad and Marcie it was apparent.

The audience came face-to-face with Alex’s parents who were racists and hillbillies. It angered Randal to say the least, just as her mother say back and said nothing. It became apparent that her parents did their best to keep their daughter sheltered from the real world.

Alex did her best to console Randal about her parent’s behavior, and that was the moment that led the neighbors to share a kiss. That kiss would be the start of a torrid affair that would shake this small little town for weeks to come. Who knew an innocent paint job would bond two people so closely? The episode did conclude with Brad deciding to come and see Alex in the hospital, but after hearing her utter Randal’s name while she slept caused him to erupt in fury. Until next Tuesday “If Loving You Is Wrong” lovebirds!