HOLLYWOOD—Time for some laughs, time for some fun people on the latest episode of “Insecure.” This week’s episode, ‘Chillin, Okay?!’ saw Issa, Molly, Kelli and Tiffany have a bit of girl time. Talking about relationship and aspirations in their lives and the laughs were in full force. Oh, I needed this laughter so badly America and it was worth every single moment people.

The weekend kicked off with the ladies smoking marijuana and Kelli not being able to intake what she was smoking people. A pipe bursting at the spa put a hamper on that spa trip, which led to the ladies drinking a few hours before dinner and they decided to play ‘Question in the Hat.’ Okay, what questions are about to be unearthed people.

I did not expect to see this ladies night to also be intermingled with Lawrence and Condola. So it’s apparent that the co-parenting between these two is indeed on better terms people, much better to be honest. Molly admitted that she never saw the film “Love Jones.” Kelli started drinking 2 red bulls at an early age, Kelli talked about masturbation and thinking of her husband. Issa spilled about her relationship with Nathan. The ladies eavesdropped on Molly’s work call with Torian, where it is apparent they are indeed building on their friendship, which could turn into a relationship.

Molly decided to pursue a relationship with her colleague after getting signs from the universe, just as Lawrence and Condola shared some laughs as they discussed parenting. So Lawrence has stepped up as a father for his son. Issa admitted she wished she discovered her career earlier in her life. Issa admitted she ran into Lawrence, Condola and their bundle of joy at the hospital. It was apparent the situation absolutely unearthed some feelings in her. Watching this sisterhood is heart-warming and hilarious at the same time.

However, things were shook, when Tiffany revealed that she and Derek might be moving to Colorado. Yeah, it was apparent that Tiffany was pressured at the thought of losing her closest girlfriends and not having them by her side when she needs them. I thought the moment that Lawrence and Condola appeared on this week’s episode that they would hookup again, but that was not the case people. The writers pulled a fast one there people.

So much for the ladies having a night on the town, they had a night at Issa’s abode, smoking, drinking, eating junk food and chatting too much. Issa decided it was best to call Lawrence and see where things could go in their relationship, but Molly stopped her. Nathan gave Issa a call to clear up the air between their relationship and he dropped the “L” word, which took our protagonist by surprise to say the least.

Well this is messy, so where are things with Lawrence now because guess what he called just as the episode ended. It was apparent that Lawrence still has Issa on the brain as much as she has him on the brain. Only three episodes left before the series finale of “Insecure” people. See ya next Sunday!