HOLLYWOOD—I thought last week’s episode “Insecure” was pretty strong to say the least. It brought laughter, levity and some drama to the season that up to last week I thought was a bit lackluster to say the least. This week’s episode, ‘Choices, Ok?!’ saw Issa still grapple with her relationship with Nathan as they continued to play house and the question about them moving in together became a reality for the couple.

Issa was winning major points with her company and her latest endeavor which could bring major bucks to her bank account. Kelli, Molly and her brother teased Issa about her relationship with Nathan. Molly planned a second date with Taurean, just as Issa found herself having a conversation with Crenshawn who learned that he needed Issa’s help more than he thought.

Issa has become a boss, getting a major partnership that was proving that her fantasies of world domination might transpire in the near future, including business ventures all across the globe, a home with Nathan and for a moment I thought what was taking place was real, but it became apparent it wasn’t what Issa hoped for. Molly and Kelli on the other hand were dealing with their parents’ estate and things were quite complicated to say the least.

Molly discovered their parents don’t have that much money and the handling of their estate was more complicated than her parents and she imagined. Crenshawn really wanted to partner with Issa, but she seemed to be cautious with rather they should be working together or not. Issa helped Crenshawn launch a second store location for his business, but once again it was just another fantasy that Issa dreamt up in her reality. The fantasy threw a curveball as Lawrence appeared in the fantasy and was ready to congratulate the woman he loved, just as she was hesitant.

As pointed out last week, Issa still has Lawrence on the brain and it intrigues me to see where things head as we near the finale. Molly was able to get things in order for her parents’ estate, as she broke down in tears, before receiving a call from Taurean and it was apparent their date would have to be postponed until another day. Molly was surprised that her new romance partner was compassionate about the situation. The little voice in Issa’s head made it crystal clear that she is NOT over Lawrence.

Molly provided that listening ear for her friend to go with her gut and trust it. Taurean delivered food and a bottle of wine for Molly that placed a smile on her face to say the least people. Issa was indeed spiraling as she thought Nathan’s voice was echoing Lawrence, as the episode culminated. Not as much as a punch as last week’s episode, but it was apparent the series is giving us a hint of what is to come or where we could be headed.

We only have two episodes left of “Insecure” people. Next week is the penultimate episode that will set the stage for whatever fireworks or surprises are slated to come for the series finale.