SANTA MONICA—Santa Monica Park Maintenance technicians installed program limits on flow sensors on the 2900 block of Ocean Park Blvd. on Thursday, February 20. The devices allow the irrigation team to set upper and lower pressure limits on the flow sensors, which automatically shut off the irrigation if there is potential danger to the equipment such as too much water pressure or a leak.

Park maintenance supervisors have been monitoring the new valve controllers since 2019 to help Park Maintenance easily avoid equipment breakage, identify leaks, and prevent water loss.

In late December 2019, Park Maintenance coordinated the replacement of worn out playground equipment at the universally accessible playground in South Beach Park and the playground area in Tongva Park. The ropes had worn out on structures, despite being relatively new compared to other playground equipment due to their frequent use and popularity.

The Santa Monica Swim Center was closed for annual maintenance from December 16, 2019 to January 4, 2020. During these three weeks, staff completed a deep cleaning of the facility and inspected equipment to ensure safe working conditions in preparation for the new year. In some cases, staff removed and replaced old pieces of equipment, such as the large boiler that services the splash pad.

Next, staff pressure washed the pool decks, restrooms, locker rooms, and showers. Though staff perform routine maintenance of the swim center throughout the year, it is essential that it also receives this process annually for safety.