SANTA MONICA—Have you ever worked at a company where you felt employment discrimination took place? Ever wonder if you have a case against your employer who broke the law in terms of treating you fairly? Worry no more, because Irving Meyer Attorney At Law is here to assist. Meyer’s firm has been in business for more than 32 years and he has always had a passion to be a lawyer.

Mr. Meyer spoke with Canyon News to discuss a bit about his firm and his career in the law arena. “I’ve always had a passion to be a lawyer. I started in advertising in NYC writing about the Vietnam War and injustices for vets who were coming back,” said Meyer. He has always been an individual looking out for people getting taken advantage of.

Irving Meyer, Attorney At Law specializes in employment law 100 percent. “When I sign up a client it is dependent on the character of the client. It’s like a marriage, there is nothing I won’t do for that client; I detail the lawsuit, aspects of certain things and I ensure clients make suggestions to me.”

When asked by Canyon News what surprises him that most clients aren’t aware of in the world of employment law, he indicated the importance of showcasing discrimination has taken place. He noted that many clients get information from media sources and employers get things from press releases put into newspapers. “I show the client where and how they have been discriminated against in relation to employment law.”

Mr. Meyer explained a case to Canyon News where an $8.5 million jury settlement occurred for a client who worked for an oil company. He noted his client started as a secretary and worked her way up to a manager position at the company. When she was injured, her employer noted she could not do anything else besides what she was doing at the company because of her injury, even though she had more than 20 years of experience at the company.

He also discussed another case where his client was fired after 17 years. He was injured on the job; he broke his arm and he was to go to another location to file paperwork first before going to see his doctor. He was terminated on that account.

When asked about the gender gap in the employment arena Mr. Meyer responded, “Culture in financial, real-estate, entertainment industry and there are companies that advise people of the ‘Mad Men’ era that we are still stuck in. There is no way of changing; people have to pay money in order to change [current] things. Not changing really in politics. It’s a total different thing to go to trial and enforce a law to be determined by a jury.” He indicated a way to change things is to take companies to court.

He noted that women are paid less, and have a lack of opportunity. He noted that men are the top 25 earners at most companies and that women are never in those top positions. Mr. Meyer informed Canyon News that both minorities and women are treated unfairly in the workforce and he has seen situations where clients would be taken away from a female employee and given to a male employee because of the impression that he would be able to better handle the client, in a way that a woman could not.

Canyon News asked Mr. Meyer if more federal laws need to be implemented to prevent employment discrimination, Mr. Meyer responded: “No, there are enough laws on the books. It’s more about lawyers going to court with the laws and showing a violation by employers to the court.”

“Most people don’t file lawsuits because they don’t think they have a case,” said Meyer. He explained to Canyon News that he rarely settles a case. He will go to trial with a client, unless a decent settlement has been offered and it has been discussed in detail with his client.

Irving informed Canyon News that he practiced other forms of law throughout his career including copyright law, criminal law and personal injury law, but has always had a passion for employment law because he wants to help people taken advantage of by corporations.

Mr. Meyer’s firm has won many $1 million plus cases involving discrimination and sexual harassment at the workplace. When asked what advice he would share with aspiring lawyers, especially those looking to practice employment law, Mr. Meyer stated: “Read the cases by the appellate courts. The California Employment and Fair Housing Laws have cases that define exactly what that law means. They should be familiar with those cases, spend time watching trials on employment law for a few months. Seminars are held by the county bar to help new lawyers absorb information, as much as possible, and they should try to be mentored by experienced lawyers.”

He also added that new lawyers in employment law should get as much information as possible about a case before taking the case on. They should be aware of the quality of the client, the facts of the case and what the client informs them.

Irving Meyer, Attorney At Law is located at 225 Santa Monica Blvd. Ste. #700, Santa Monica, CA 90401. He wants potential clients to know that he is always looking for people who need justice in the workplace and that he takes calls one-on-one with clients to provide assistance and deliver a legal point of view. Prospective clients can contact Irving Meyer at 213-200-8503 or email