HOLLYWOOD—I knew Claire Grace was up to no good when she first arrived in Genoa City on “The Young and the Restless.” She was buttering up to Nikki Newman and the rest of the Newman clan for a reason, and now we know why. Things culminated at the end of November Sweeps, as “Y&R” dropped the bomb of bombs on viewers and the Newman family.

Claire’s crazy Aunt Jordan was revealed to be the sister of Eve Howard. Eve is the woman who had an affair with Victor and was a nemesis to Nikki. Nikki has gone through it recently as we discussed in our previous column and the clan might be back home, but the aftermath is about to be lingering for days, weeks, months, perhaps years.

Nikki’s sobriety was broken thanks to Claire and Aunt Jordan, but it was Victoria and Cole (J. Eddie Peck) whose world was turned upside down as the daughter who they thought died all those years ago, might be very much alive and it might be Claire. When Claire dropped that bomb on Victoria she couldn’t believe it, but it was Jordan revealing that she kidnapped Claire and withheld her from her parents that changed Claire’s demeanor. Claire had been raised by Jordan to think the Newmans were evil and that she was abandoned. Guess what Claire, that was not the case.

Victoria and Cole are reminiscing about their past and the daughter who they were informed died prematurely but could be Claire based on Jordan’s story. Yes, I completely forget that Cole’s mother was Eve Howard. Yes, this is quite the twisted tale people and I doubt the writers would drop such a bomb just for it to be some elaborate ruse. Cole and Victoria are going to have a DNA test done on Claire to get the answer that is currently haunting them; is she their daughter?

Nikki is grappling with wanting to drink after being drugged while in Jordan and Claire’s captivity, but her family is not aware of how much Nikki is actually struggling and if only someone opened their eyes would they realize exactly what is taking place. This is a very potent story at play right here and I am eager to see how the rest of it plays out in the coming weeks.

With that said, Jill Abbott is back in town and is doing her best to woo Billy away from Jabot. Billy feels a bit of loyalty to Jack and his father’s company considering Tucker is absolutely after it. Billy realizes his mother needs him at Chancellor-Winters because it looks like Tucker is also after that company. Yeah, Jabot and Chancellor-Winters are in trouble with Tucker sneaking around and it makes it only worse where you don’t know who to trust. Kyle is working as a plant for Diane and Jack to give a false sense of hope to Audra and Tucker.

However, Audra is hoping to lure Nate back into her fold as a possible leader at Jabot if her and Tucker’s plan works. Yeah, Devon and Jill are hesitant to bring Nate back on board and rightfully so. Why? He is entertaining Audra’s offer, which proves Nate is still the snake everyone suspects him to be people. Danny and Christine are reuniting and it was proof with that steamy kiss they shared RIGHT IN FRONT OF PHYLLIS! Yes, the red head was none too pleased to see her former lover with her nemesis. Well, Phyllis, you better get over it because they look like the real thing. The truth about Summer’s feelings for Chance are evident to Chelsea and Phyllis even though she thinks he’s unattainable because he’s with Sharon.

Oh, Summer if you only knew the Sharon and Chance pairing is temporary. That is a bit more lust and not actual romance, and with Chance resigning from the Genoa City Police Department after his latest injury, I think that will have an impact on the romance for Sharon and Chance. I see him drifting more and more towards Summer as he enters the corporate world for work. Sharon is just a fling. I hate to say it, but it’s the truth, so we shall see what unfolds in the coming weeks “Y&R” fans!