HOLLYWOOD—A few weeks ago, audiences seemed to get the confirmation from the powers that be at the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” that Thad Luckinbell’s time on the soap as J.T. Hellstrom was officially over. I mean he was whacked in the head with a poker by Nikki after she witnessed him assaulting her daughter Victoria.

However, I pegged this was a strong possibility a long time ago, what if J.T. was not really dead, and somehow found a way to escape being buried alive and is back to taunt the foursome who left him for dead. Is it original, not the least? Is it a fun story to see unfold? Without a doubt because it’s apparent that Vicky, Nikki, Phyllis and Sharon are all on the verge of cracking.

For starters, Paul has seemed to allow the case to go cold or perhaps we just haven’t seen Paul in quite some time. In addition, Nikki and Vicky have done wonders keeping this secret from Victor, who seems to know everything his family does. Sorry to digress, but that performance that Eric Braeden delivered last week on the soap was incredible. The fury, the rage in his voice as he addressed J.T. who he assumes is behind the leak of his health crisis, in addition to Newman Enterprises confidential files was indeed Emmy worthy America. More on Victor Newman later!

Ashley delivered evidence to Victoria noting that J.T. was spotted at a motel, not to mention the ladies obtained actual footage that depicts someone who convincingly looks just like J.T. if you don’t mind me pointing that out. I thought Sharon would be the first to crack, but this woman has been a trooper. The person I least expected to crack, Phyllis, is starting to unravel. Why? She proposed to Sharon throwing Victoria and Nikki under the bus while saving themselves! There is just one slight problem with that plan Phyllis; you are an accessory to covering up a murder because you helped bury the body.

What a shock for audiences this week, when Nikki and Sharon came face-to-face with someone who really looks like J.T., but is it him? I would hope yes, and that the soap is NOT planning to spin some twin brother twist on the audience. Unfortunately, that motif is tired, old and has been used to death in the soap arena. So if J.T. is back in the flesh, what is his end game? Will he reveal the truth about his ‘demise’ or does he have sinister plans in play to exact vengeance. Looks like only time will tell America.

Other big news of the week is the return of Dr. Nate Williams. Some of you might not remember that name, but he’s the son of doctor Olivia Williams. No, Olivia is not back, but Nate is in town on business to help Victor and his medical prognosis. This was fun because Hilary may have met someone with an ego just as big if not bigger than hers. Nate was not impressed with the lady in red who was poking her nose where it did not belong. Not to mention, she was livid that he dismissed her like a fly. We all know Mishael Morgan is vacating the soap, but I’m starting to wonder if Nate will play a role in the character’s send-off.

It would be nice to see Hilary do to Devon what she did to Neil. You know what they say, what goes around comes around and Devon hasn’t had too much competition when it comes to Hilary besides Jordan who was more of a rebound. Nate on the other hand could be more of a threat and the fact that he is family complicates the situation that much more if you ask me. Hilary is already poking her nose attempting to dig up dirt on Nate, and she should be careful because if Victor gets wind, she’ll make an enemy that she cannot defeat and he could make her life a living hell.

So with the fearsome four on pins and needles about J.T. the audience can only wonder if we’re about to be delivered another curveball that will throw this once interesting storyline into unknown territory or predictability.