HOLLYWOOD HILLS—On September 21, at approximately 10:45 p.m., the home of Dr. Ishmael Khan was broken into through a side window of his home in the 8100 block of Mannix Drive, near Kirkwood near Laurel Canyon. Khan and two others were home during the break-in.

Reports indicate there were three intruders and one of the victims was pistol-whipped by the perpetrators. According to Los Angeles Police Department Officer, Rosario Cervantes, one of the victims sustained lacerations.

The thieves took approximately $20,000 worth of Khan’s possessions which included a Rolex watch.

Dr. Khan, a self-proclaimed social media influencer, originally from Dubai, reported to police working on the case that he believed he was “targeted.”

“They knew who I was. So, they found me on Instagram. They found out where I was. I don’t know who it was. Maybe it was some bad friends, some enemies,” Khan told KTLA news.

This case is currently under investigation. Anyone with information or who can identify the suspects should contact the Hollywood Division at 213-972-2971 or 213-485-9899 TDD/TTY.