HOLLYWOOD—She was a pivotal player on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” for months, so when Ivy Forrester just up and flew off to Australia it left fans wondering, when would Ivy return to Forrester Creations. Well, she returned last week, and has been hit with a whirlwind of drama that she did not expect to say the least. I mean she has been civil to Quinn who was responsible for ruining her relationship with Wyatt and is looking for an ally to help her reclaim her position at Forrester Creations.

It was quite disturbing to sit and watch Ivy actually beg Quinn to help her out. I mean Quinn has all this power and is wielding it as if she is God. Oh, how the mighty fall because it’s just a matter of time before Quinn resorts to her wicked tactics yet again. The sad thing about the entire situation is Ivy has no idea that she has been caught into a web of deception and she has the slightest idea.

Too bad she is so desperate for her job she will go along with ‘seducing’ Liam to keep him away from Steffy so that Wyatt isn’t the lost puppy any longer. Quinn has so many enemies I have lost count; I mean when you have Pam livid that Quinn is halting her from bringing lemon bars into the place of business than you know it’s a problem. You know it’s a problem when even Steffy knows what Quinn is up to with Ivy.

Seeing Wyatt finally stand-up to his mother and telling her what everyone at home have been screaming for weeks is such a treat. Finally, Wyatt realizes his mother is not the angel he so desperately wants to portray her as to the rest of the world. She was smart enough to realize Quinn was using a makeover to make her look like Steffy, her nemesis to grab Liam’s attention, and wow, was it a moment to finally see these former lovers come face-to-face for the first time in months. To say Liam was speechless was indeed an understatement.

Another twisted storyline involves Ridge’s plans to utilize Brooke to get to Bill’s heart to ensure she gets control of his shares of Forrester to help an overthrow of Eric as CEO and oust Quinn. Yes, that is a very risky move. I mean Katie and Bill just signed divorce papers, and if those two are hooked up, that allows Katie and Ridge to perhaps reignite the flame they previously had before Bill and Brooke caused it to fizzle. Must say Bill has no remorse whatsoever to what he did to Katie. I mean he’s already hooking up with Brooke in less than 24 hours, not to mention Katie seems somewhat ok, with Brooke’s dalliance to hoodwink the great Spencer.

The great thing about this ruse is wondering how vicious Bill will become once he learns that Brooke played him like a fiddle. I will admit that Brooke seems smitten by this whirlwind romance, which makes it quite possible that she spills the beans to Bill before the hostile takeover transpires.

Brooke is indeed in over her head, because she and Bill finally took their relationship to the next step. One interesting dynamic will be Eric’s reaction to discovering his family’s betrayal. We could be seeing some epic acting on the front courtesy of John McCook once his unseating takes place, and with Felicia and Thorne arriving back in Los Angeles soon, there is no telling what chaos will ensue. I must say Quinn is indeed a vital character to all the chaos that comes and goes on “The Bold and the Beautiful.”