HOLLYWOOD—Well, we’ve talked about the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” for the last 3 weeks, so what is another week. Things have been so good on the soap, I feel like I owe it to my readers to continue to highlight what has been taking place in Genoa City. So the tale of the hour continues to revolve around J.T. Hellstrom. The guy came back to town nice as a pickle, but in the last month his character did a complete 360; so much to the point that it left me speechless as a viewer, but at the same time giddy with the storytelling that has taken place.

Things completely took a turn when J.T. who was being pressured by Paul to get the scoop on Victor underestimated the mustache. As a result, Victor busted J.T. and the two got into a vicious brawl where J.T. tossed Victor down a flight of stairs, putting him into a coma. Oh, but it does not stop there because Jack Abbott is taking the fall for J.T.’s actions, which has caused utter chaos at Jabot.

Just when you think the guy couldn’t get any lower, he decided to unplug Victor causing our titan to suffer from a stroke. So Victor is awake, but not able to talk. I mean the look Victor gave J.T. while he was in the hospital room with everyone else spoke wonders. There was just one slight problem: no one seemed to spot it. Realizing that it was just a matter of time before his world exploded, J.T. decided to jet Victoria and the kids to Hawaii hoping to elude the truth, but him taking those phones was his undoing as Vicky learned that J.T. has been colluding with Paul to take down her father!

However, his rage exploded as he attempted to utilize mental tricks on Victoria about never returning to GC. As a result, she took a clue from Sharon and escaped J.T.’s clutches only to find him not willing to let her go. She tossed that ring and an attack ensued, where a few of the least likely people ever came to Victoria’s aide in: Sharon, Phyllis and Nikki.

Yes, they witnessed all the sordid chaos and J.T. as a result lost his life or at least the audience is made to believe it. To cover the truth, Victoria, Nikki, Sharon and Phyllis decided to bury the body. Hmm, this is interesting, but something we’ve seen time and time again in the soap arena. Someone who appears dead is buried alive, finds a way to rise from the dead to haunt those who committed the dirty deed. Yes, this has transpired on “Days of Our Lives” and “As the World Turns” America!

Let’s get back to a bit of the drama regarding the Abbott family; Jack is still sulking behind bars thanks to J.T.  However, Kyle was causing all sorts of rifts at the company, but Ashley was able to intervene and take the reign of the company. However, everything was coming down to a vote, as Kyle wanted to make Jabot public. Phyllis, Jack, Ashley, Abby, Traci and Billy all wanted to vote against Kyle’s plan, but a thorn in the mix was Lauren who wanted to take back control of Fenmore’s because the IPO would give her the opportunity to make enough money to put her in the black and she put the pressure on Phyllis to side with her or she could be out of a job people.

Kyle is a busy guy, because when he’s not causing uproar at a family company he is aligning with Hilary to make Devon jealous. Too bad for Hilary her plan backfired and Devon decided to sever all ties with Hilary and their plan to have a child. See Hilary when you push too hard, it always backfires, can’t say I feel sorry for you. You reap what you sew. I feel like a new love quadrangle could be brewing between Phyllis, Nick, Sharon and Billy. Its apparent Billy sees the sparks between Phyllis and Nick, just as Phyllis sees the sparks between Nick and Sharon. Looks like jealously is about to cause a rift between Billy and Phyllis.

All I can say is there is nothing like a death to cause utter mayhem in the soap arena and at long last “The Young and the Restless” isn’t afraid to do so, and I love it!