HOLLYWOOD—A familiar face from the past has returned to ignite a few sparks. Yup, J.T. aka Thad Luckinbill has returned to the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” His sudden return to the canvas last week left his former wife Victoria a bit shell-shocked with his sudden return to Genoa City. Let’s be clear he was working under the guise of Victor Newman to discover that funny business that was transpiring with his bank accounts.

Luckily for the audience, the mystery wasn’t dragged too much because it was Nikki who was the culprit. As much as this woman attempts to help Victor she ends up causing more harm than assistance. As a reward Nikki could find herself in the slammer, but Victor being the nefarious fiend that he can be, will do all in his power to ensure the one true love of his life doesn’t suffer. Hmm, I always find it funny that this woman preaches about being holier than though, but isn’t she the same woman who murdered Diane Jenkins?!

Sorry, but not sorry, I don’t want to spend a ton of time on Nikki because she is a pointless character at this point in my opinion. Let’s get back to Victoria and J.T. because I think it’s great that he’s back in town because it’s apparent that Billy is over Vicky, and that provides the perfect, and I mean perfect opportunity for J.T. to slide right in and push the buttons of Billy in ways that only he can do. Let’s just say Billy boy was not happy to see J.T. at Victoria’s home when he dropped off those gifts for the kids. J.T.’s primary goal was to return to town to handle business, but at the same time he wanted to check in with his son Reed who has been MIA people.

The big tale of the hour is that Abby and Scott’s secret is out in the open. I mean I was flabbergasted when Abby just shared the news of her hookup with Lily without thinking twice. However, she isn’t the only one who knows. Faith caught the two smooching, and the fact that she hasn’t dropped the bomb on Sharon about Scott’s betrayal is alarming. Why? Faith has a difficult time keeping secrets so for her to keep a lid on this one is interesting to say the least. However, Faith did reveal to Mariah that she saw Scott and Abby kissing.

Mariah who is loaded with information has attempted to warn her mother to be weary of Scott, but Sharon being Sharon suspects her own daughter is jealous of her happiness. That is unfortunate, because I do believe that Mariah is only hoping to prevent heartache to her mother, but when the truth does indeed explode, Sharon won’t see Mariah’s revelation as a moment of clarity. Let’s chat a bit about Cane and Lily, she wanted the divorce, but with Juliet out of the picture and baby Sam facing unexpected health hurdles, Lily has softened up a bit, but Cane doesn’t seem as ‘pressured’ to fix his broken family as one would think. Cane has bounced back well, but with Jill announcing potential plans to sell Chancellor Enterprises, Cane was taken for a loop by that bomb.

It wouldn’t be “Y&R” if we didn’t discuss the ramblings inside the Jabot family. I mean Dina has all but vanished, but the battle for power between Jack and Ashley is heating up. I mean the guy delivered a bit of a low blow to his sister about her parentage that made me gasp a bit. Jack is one that has to always be in control and if he isn’t things will not be good. Ashley’s love life with Ravi has fizzled, as has Jack’s so the two don’t have much to do but work and work and work. Jack may have never expected that his son Kyle would be the one to oust him from the company, when his dad tried to pull a fast one over Ashley.

Wow, we’ve seen tiffs between the siblings before, but I honestly think this latest stunt is about to rip the Abbott family apart in ways we never expect. “The Young and the Restless” is not afraid to shake things up a bit, and with 2017 coming to an end, it looks like 2018 is going to be epic.