HOLLYWOOD—For three consecutive weeks we’ve chatted about the ins and the outs of “The Young and the Restless” and this week is no different. It seems the writers are delivering some of their best work right now, which I wish was the case about 6 weeks ago during February Sweeps. If we thought Victor being hospitalized and in a coma by J.T. by all people was big, the revelation that Jack Abbott is not John Abbott’s son is a game changer. Like we knew for months that Ashley wasn’t an Abbott, but for Dina to drop that bomb on Abby that Jack’s paternity isn’t what the world thinks it is was astonishing.

Whew, Abby couldn’t let the bombshell go, so as a result, she and Ashley ran a test using Jack’s DNA and got results confirming that Jack isn’t an Abbott. Now the question remains, just what do mother and daughter do with the information? Abby wants to spill the tea, while Ashley isn’t so certain what her mother has disclosed is accurate, even though a DNA test seems to prove with 99.9 percent of certainty that Jack’s reign as the top dog at Jabot shouldn’t really belong to him.

So this means that only two people have a right to the throne: Traci and Billy! Traci at most is a secondary character who pops in only so often, so Billy by default has the power to make a major power move if he learns the truth about Jack, who he THOUGHT was his brother, really isn’t his brother America. Yeah, this bombshell shakes a ton of families people not just the Abbotts. However, the question I really want the answer to is if John is not Jack’s father, than who the hell is? This secret is crucial because Kyle Abbott has returned to town and is flossing his ego in a multitude of ways. This character has been recast more times than I can count, but I will admit right now, it seems like Michael Mealor is giving a bit of flair to Kyle and a maturity that hasn’t been seen in the character since entering adulthood. At the top of Kyle list: taking control over Jabot, which has Ashley concerned and Jack fuming mad. They both know Kyle is up to something, and even as a viewer something is up. What? I cannot pinpoint exactly at the moment.

I mean the notion of not being an Abbott should be the least of Jack’s worries (he doesn’t know yet America), because he was arrested by Paul for the attempted murder of Victor. Victor isn’t dead, but his condition hasn’t approved in any way. Paul really doesn’t have concrete evidence on Jack to say the least, so I’m just dying to see how Victor responds when he learns that Paul hired J.T. to dig up dirt on him.

Should make things very interesting, especially considering Phyllis is desperate to prove Jack’s innocence. We all know once that woman starts sleuthing nothing can stop her from getting to the truth. Kyle might be high on his horse right now, but working alongside Victor is not only going to bite him in the bum, but deliver a hard truth: never betray family, especially when the one guy whose back you should have is your only link to the Abbott family. Yup, Kyle isn’t an Abbott either, and he’s only tied to Abby, Traci and Ashley because of Dina. So it kind of will be glorious to see Kyle fall from grace. I think we feel that way about any character who feels untouchable.

J.T. is still dancing around the possibility of Mac delivering a bevy of secrets about his emotional and physical abuse towards her. I almost wish Mac would have just blurted it out to Billy and Victoria when she had that conversation. It is evident as I predicted that Billy would likely be the person to discover that Victoria has been assaulted by J.T., but it’s like a ticking time bomb to see the truth unveiled. As a viewer I want it to happen right away, but I know patience is the key to giving the audience what they want.

In other important news, Hilary and Devon committed the deed, and like typical Hilary she gloated to the world, but Lily seemed to have another trick up her sleeve: Simone. Yeah, that aspiring singer and Devon were getting to know each other when she vanished, but it seems she is back and Lily is going to use her as ammunition to sever ties between Hilary and Devon. Hmm, I wonder how Devon will respond to learning what his sister is up to now?

Victoria is questioning her relationship with J.T. which is good, but he seems to be peeved that she wants to halt plans on their impending marriage. I sense that could lead to his rage surfacing yet again. The guilt on his face over Victor’s condition is obvious, and if the mustache wakes up its all over for J.T. so how far will he go to protect his secret? It looks like J.T. will do whatever he has to America! That bodes good news for “Young and Restless” fans that are eager to see more drama unfold.